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    Important to Schedule Games in Your District?

    I believe that teams from leagues tend to vote for each other. If there are two teams with close to the same record and one is from your league and the other is from a different league teams vote for their league. Even if any secondary metrics say different they support their league. Same thing...
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    The OHSAA should be worried

    you write about having two divisions for the privates as if they were all the same. Would you include a Harvest Prep or Dayton Christian or is it just for the Catholics? Then you say two divisions as if all those schoools are the same. Do you. Do you think St Ed or Moeller is the same size as...
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    Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) 2023

    The best coach ever of the Braves is a low wall. But Meeks is one of the best ever in Clark County.
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    Coldest playoff game you've attended

    I believe it was November of ‘91 against Liberty Center.Springfield Catholic was the underdog and the game was at Julia Lamb field in Sidney which was set down low right beside the Miami river. I don’t remember the temperature but it was real cold. But what struck you was the fog rolling in off...
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    You sound like those whiners from Berlin Hiland.
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Running clock in state semi?
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    DI State Semifinal: Springfield vs. Cincinnati Moeller

    Really surprised to see Drew Pastreur has Moe by 24.
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    Region 2: #6 Dublin Coffman vs #12 Springfield

    Either way you call it,I give Moe credit. He had to change for his team to reach the the best of their abilities so he did…Congrats to him. Being honest I didn’t know he had it in him. This season should give the clown that call him just a recruiter pause. This team had problems early he...
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    Maybe it was a technique she learned at one of her high level non- scholastic teams or training sessions. Pundit you might be right but you also know the high level kids get way more training,often in the professional tricks of the game,outside of their high school training..
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    Region 2: #6 Dublin Coffman vs #12 Springfield

    I’ve never given Moe a lot credit for game planning and tactical decisions but to me one of the signs of a top level coach is the ability to adapt your game plan to your talent.
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    Conferences with Multiple Teams in a Regional Final

    Let them win Ohio D6 and Indiana big school.
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    State finals predictions?

    Mo Tipp worthington
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    2023 Boys Soccer State Tournament Pairings

    Thanks. The Ohsaa web. Site is so slow in posting results.
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    I’ve been out of action all fall. I went down in an accident at home in September and broke my leg pretty good,making it worse I already had an knee replacement on that side so the tibia and fibula got crushed around pretty good. Surgeon said my replacement looked beautiful but above that it...
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    I can see 5 OHC teams playing in week 2 of the playoffs. Just don’t know about Burg and their up and down season going on the road.
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    Congratulations to Jim Dimitroff and his Fighting Irish on their 28-0 win over Madison Plains. Their were a lot of people calling for them to forfeit the season. Jim overcame all the obstacles,injuries and short numbers to compete all year. He had his team fighting each week and in position to...
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    Friday Updates (10/20/23)

    Springfield Catholic 14 Madison Plains. 0 3quarter. According to scorestream
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    Mercy rule in playoffs this year - good idea or bad idea?

    It would be nice if the top 16 in a super sectional or another number in a smaller setup got automatic byes. Let those bottom 16 teams play each other. Fewer of these mercy rule games and more competitive games both good things for the players,teams,fans and tournament.
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    Careful you might get kicked out for picking the Irish.