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    Cultural mores that have changed in your lifetime?

    It is also the idea that people have "rights" but don't think they should have to take equal responsibility. I work in a supermarket and I can't tell you how many times people come up and want our "shopper reward" but don't think they should have to actually sign up for it. Or, sadly overheard...
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    Cultural mores that have changed in your lifetime?

    Everyone thinking they have the legal right to anything they feel like. "I have the RIGHT to do this." "I have the RIGHT to do that."
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    Accurate Buckeye 8 and M-OVL standings?

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    Accurate Buckeye 8 and M-OVL standings?

    Does anyone have accurate final M-OVL and Buckeye 8 standings? What I have is questionable. Did Beaver leave the Buckeye 8? Did Paden City leave the M-OVL? Did Buckeye Local join? So confused.
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    Rumor about 6-7 divisions in basketball

    I could deal with five. Six/Seven ? Nah.
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    2023 Dead Celebrities/Athletes

    Same here. Also hard to think Suzanne Somers was 76
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    2023 Dead Celebrities/Athletes

    Richard Moll. "Bull" from Night Court.
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    Conference Realignment in Ohio

    Try posting this in the high school football or boy's basketball forums.
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    Battle of Uniontown XXVII: Lake (7-2) @ Green (6-3)

    Dumb question. When did it become Uniontown Green? I always thought the school was in Greensburg.
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    2023 Dead Celebrities/Athletes

    Suzanne Somers. She was 76 and battling cancer
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    Ask The Ref?

    Is it a rule that a field goal must be kicked from seven yards behind the line of scrimmage? Getting closer is dumb because the defense would be that much closer to blocking the kick but if the kicker wanted to step back a yard or two to give himself a couple extra seconds and possibly a better...
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    Flyin' to the Hoop Schedule

    I've always wondered how many of these schools are actual high schools vs. "athletic academies" (can't think of a better word.)
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    2024 Total Solar Eclipse

    I may have been stuck in the same traffic. Left Middletown at 5 am. Got to Louisville and sat on I-65 FOREVER. Made it to Bowling Green just in time.
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    Central Catholic League, Expansion Needed & Who?

    Nice idea but travel would be a serious issue. Right now McNicholas has a 40+ minute drive to its nearest league opponent Badin. Travelling to Columbus on a regular basis? Nah. I fear that he CCL and even the GCL-Coed might just disappear. Watterson, DeSales, St. C and maybe Hartley to the new...
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    Shaker Heights Thursday Football Game to Play Without Fans Due to Possible Threat

    If there is any credibility to the threat, why is the game being played?
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    Why multi-division conferences?

    Borrowing from the OCC needs to go thread. Why are there multi-division conferences? So many of them have schools that have nothing to do with each other. Big school divisions that don't play small school divisions. Games "in conference" that don't count. Why? I could understand if a league had...
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    Maxpreps RPI to be used for Basketball Seeding

    Add me to the list of people that like the idea of a computer based ranking system but also agree MaxPreps should not be the foundation.
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    Age limit for politicians that would apply to presidents, vice presidents and all members of Congress?

    I don't like the idea of a specific age limit. My uncle is in his mid 80s and mentally sharp as a tack. In my job I see people every day that are in their 60s-low 70s that shouldn't be on their own.
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    Saturday morning spreadsheet

    Edgewood and Ross are now in the SWBL. The name of the league they left is the Southwest Ohio Conference. The "CPL" is the Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference
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    Cal & Stanford to ACC struggles

    I wouldn't mind if these were non conference one trip per year games but picture Cal having to make 4 or 5 trips a year in football alone. Basketball 8-9 trips? Softball, tennis, golf, ......? P.S. I also don't like BC, Syracuse, Pitt, ND, Louisville in the ACC either:)