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    SVSM Irish 2023

    They will be thorough and make the right choice
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    Interviews are currently taking place. I Will not reveal the candidates. Hopefully they hire a strong coach who can build a solid program and tune out the politics by the fans parents and Alumni
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    Summit County Basketball 2023-24

    1A STVM The Irish are young but lengthy 1B Hoban returns Josh and a Glen Oak transfer Green Stow
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    So much conjecture Dan BOARMAN outstanding coach legend retired amazing man. Marcus Wattley remains a good friend. Outstanding recruiter and incredible DC. Bobby Nichols is a good man and was so instrumental in acquiring equipment and weight Room upgrades. However the was a One man show...
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    STVM needs to clean house with a young energetic staff who can energize the program and reach out and Rec#%T and put the Ed choice funds to use for future opportunities. The politics need to go away as do many offensive coaches. The Board needs to support the Football program. Hoban can stay...
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    The Wheels are off the Bus. 4 game losing streak. 21 on the Frosh Team. The Future ???
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    Walsh Jesuit vs. Archbishop Hoban

    Walsh down by 50 at half loses 57-7 to the Hoban Football Academy. Walsh had beaten STVM by 30 the week prior. That is a 80 point differential. Iggys was shut out by 35. Hoban is the IMG Academy of Ohio.
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    2023 Division VII Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    6-0 180 everyone else is 6-4 280 range. 4 are underclassmen
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    2023 Division VII Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    No mention of this juggernaut 6-0 Tiffin Calvert in your top 10. Huge O line top notch veteran QB RB’s and receivers. Don’t sleep on the Senecas.
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    Irish played well while establishing the running game with Johnson. Carter passing was accurate throwing TD Passes. The 6-6 Ajose brothers did well catching the ball and rushing the passer on defense. Offensive line got stronger as the game progressed. Mansfield (8-2 2022) is big up front...
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    2023 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em- Week 2

    Week 2 Games: Stow Hudson Firestone Springfield Tallmadge SVSM CVCA West Branch Norton Mogadore Hoban Garfield Nordonia Walsh Jesuit Game of the Week- Perpetual Rebuild Bowl- pick winner and total points (tiebreaker): Springfield. (33)
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    Best DEAD Rivalries (or rivalries of the past...)

    Akron Holy War Hoban has dominated STVM out of the series. The game hasn’t been competitive since since 2016. Series over
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    SVSM Irish 2023

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    ABJ - Akron's top quarterbacks - 10 to watch

    This thread reads like a Massillon thread 😱 Hoban is playing a transformed DB. The ABJ editors are love with Hoban. STVM have two legit QB’s and a stable of 6-4 plus WR. WJ also has a solid QB. Look forward to the 2023 season.
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    2023 Summit County Top Ten

    1. Hoban Academy (state title contender) 2. Walsh Jesuit 3. STVM 4. Hudson 5. Nordonia 6. Stow
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    Transfers and player movement

    Many discussions about SW Ohio AAU teams but no SE Ohio teams left Dayton with State Titles in 2023
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    SVSM Irish 2023

    A million dollar football program vs 200K basketball 🏀 program. Much of Dru’s talent came from all over Ohio not the akron inner city pipeline. The Hoban academy fans can Enjoy your success on your own thread