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    Bypassing JV softball and playing travel instead?

    1) If she is a varsity-level player (and would start for 1/2 of the teams in the state), in my opinion, she should be able to make a 13-15 player roster at her school. Does she play only 1 position?? All of our girls play multiple positions with the exception of a pitcher here and there. 2) I...
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    Catcher intentionally hits batter with thrown ball - twice!

    According to the article I read in the NY Post, she hit another batter 2x in the same game during a previous series.
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    Season stats

    It takes me 20 min or so to enter in stats. If it's an away game, I get it done on the bus ride home
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    Season stats

    Our league requires stats to be put in and schools pay (usually a coach or staff member) to enter these stats. The home team has control over the line score: score, hits, and errors. Then each team is in charge of putting in their own player's stats. Issues arise when teams don't know the...
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    How are teams seeded in softball?

    The best way to describe the process is this (for even numbers sake, let's say there are 8 sectionals and 48 teams in the region) All teams in the region submit their info for the other coaches to vote. Coaches get that info and submit their #1 thru #47 (can't vote for your own team) Points are...
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    How are teams seeded in softball?

    I see your point but finding a team who wants to play a top seed outside the tourney is easier said than done. We for example take the 1st game and not the bye for these reasons: 1) We go from playing 5 games per week down to just 2 when the tourney starts. If you take the bye, you play only...
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    OHSFSCA Division I Poll (2023)

    Sure is going to be one heck of a State-Semi between whoever makes it out of the NW/Central Regions. Current #1/#3/#8 are in the NW and current #3/#6/#9/#10 in the Central
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    SW District Voting Results
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    Still Undefeated?

    SW OHIO: D1 Oak Hills 19-0 ranked #6 in poll D2 New Richmond 19-0 not ranked D3 Carlisle 13-0 ranked #8 in poll
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    Wendy's Spring Classic

    Lots of great teams playing too! Last year's classic was a washout after 1 day and it seems they only promote it while it's going on and that's about it. We have played there in the past but were matched up against local teams from our area that we don't need to drive 4hrs away to play.
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    Final Scores (4/15)

    Takes me 45sec to enter the score and maybe 20 minutes to input our stats for the league site
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    OHSFSCA Division III Poll (2023)

    Saw Portsmouth West play last weekend down in KY. Their pitcher threw pretty well in the game I saw.
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    Still Undefeated?

    SW OHIO: D1 Oak Hills 13-0 ranked #6 in poll D2 New Richmond 16-0 not ranked D3 Carlisle 8-0 ranked #8 in poll
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    OHSFSCA Division I Poll (2023)

    The Central Regional is going to be a meatgrinder with 5 teams in the top 10 competing for 1 spot. Fitch looks to have the best draw (for now) as they are the only NE Ohio team listed but will have to get by traditional powers Hoover, Perry and also Hoban/Wooster who may fall into that...
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    Final Scores (4/15)

    Sorry everyone but I'm just not going to post any SW Ohio score anymore. Teams aren't doing what they are supposed to do and entering their scores. It's embarrassing that some conferences will have 6-8 games on a day and then the next day only 1 score is posted. Anyone who wants scores can...
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    Final Scores (4/14)

    SW Ohio: GMC (Cincinnati D1 Public Schools): Oak Hills 15 Bath County KY 13 Colerain 10 Sycamore 4 Lakota West 10 Lakota East 9 Fairfield 9 Princeton 10 ECC (Cincinnati D1/D2 Public Schools):
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    Final Scores (4/13)

    SW Ohio: GMC (Cincinnati D1 Public Schools): Oak Hills 6 Hamilton 4 Mason 6 Lakota West 1 Anderson 16 Princeton 6 Mercy McAuley 9 Colerain 5 Middletown 14 Ursuline 4 ECC (Cincinnati D1/D2 Public Schools)...
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    Final Scores (4/12)

    SW Ohio: Not sure why more scores aren't being posted to the league sites. It takes all of 1 min to enter the score even if you aren't putting in the stats until later (most schools pay someone to do it too). GMC (Cincinnati D1 Public Schools):
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    Final Scores (4/11)

    SW Ohio: GMC (Cincinnati D1 Public Schools): Colerain 9 Princeton 2 Mason 10 Sycamore 0 Lakota West 10 Little Miami 8 Fairfield 11 Middletown 0 Talawanda 7 Hamilton 6 ECC (Cincinnati D1/D2 Public Schools)...
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    Final Scores (4/10)

    SW Ohio: GMC (Cincinnati D1 Public Schools): Mason 10 Colerain 0 Oak Hills 7 Fairfield 0 Lakota West 9 Sycamore 4 Middletown 13 Princeton 8 Hamilton 8 Lakota East 3 ECC (Cincinnati D1/D2 Public Schools)...