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    Wapakoneta vs Badin

    Sure, both are local favorites to their area but a Maidrite is nothing like a Kewpee burger
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    Western Buckeye League 2023

    Bath seems to play to level of their competition. Even the game against VW, they were in it for about 3 quarters. They should not have lost the Kenton game. It will interesting to see how they do with the tougher competition coming up.
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    Western Buckeye League 2023

    Elida's starting quarterback did not return to the game after halftime.
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    Inflation accelerated in August as oil prices surged

    Premium $3.93 today at Sam's Club
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    Recommendations and Suggestions for Making Friday Nights Better at the Stadium

    It doesn't have to be free. I am more than willing to buy just the single page roster/insert for $1 and consider it a donation to the school. I buy the full program at the first game of the season but don't want to buy it at every home game.
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    Mask 3.0

    You can get a secondary bacterial pneumonia after having a viral respiratory infection, can you not? That is often (not always) what kills people who have had influenza. It's not directly the flu, it's a secondary infection.
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    Dayton Public Schools Will Not Have Athletic Trainers On The Sidelines

    Doctors and nurses are not athletic trainers.
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    Dayton Public Schools Will Not Have Athletic Trainers On The Sidelines

    Several schools without athletic trainers. This letter also mentions Findlay and Toledo Public Schools.
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    Western Buckeye League 2023

    Not sure what this means for the season but Bath scrimmaged LCC last week and won
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    What is a “graveyard shift”? And would you ever work a graveyard shift?

    3rd shift is 7:30p to 6:00a or 8:30p to 7:00a 7 days on, 7 days off where I work. I work an occasional night-shift but I wouldn't want to do it full-time. Three of my night-shift colleagues have done it for many years and love it.
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    Best Stadiums in Ohio

    There are multiple Harmon Fields in Ohio
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    Taylor Swift

    The rain held off last night. It was a fantastic show!
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    TV/Movies about Ohio?

    Although filmed in Hollywood, the setting of the TV show Glee was Lima, Ohio at the fictional William McKinley High School. I remember seeing various Lima memorabilia on the show.
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    Distance Triple for Holland and Yackley

    Katie Clute did the distance triple crown as well
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Based on this, Bath isn't quite as bad as what everybody thinks. They just aren't good at the 2 biggest sports: football and boys basketball. The baseball team even had a big win against Defiance this spring. Bath has been in the WBL for 50 years. I wouldn't leave if I was them.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    It seems to me that Bath wants its kids to take classes at Rhodes and OSU. Bath doesn't offer much in the way of advanced/AP classes nor classes at the school that qualify for college credit. I doubt CCP hurts sports any more than kids going to Apollo. Kids just don't seem to want to do...
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    My T&F B.S. Meter serves me again...

    At a meet I helped with, we made a mistake with one of the races and had no less than 4 people come up to the pressbox to tell us it was wrong! If I had been the one printing off the results, I would have known if was wrong, but it wasn't me. There is a lot of pressure timing a meet and...
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    The one who only ran the 4x800 was the one I was told may not compete all season so it was good to see he ran
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    One of their top distance guys is likely out for the season (non-running injury earlier this year). The rest of them are running but have had some limited participation due to injury (hamstring issues, etc) and sickness.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    District, regional and state track meets have fully automatic timing. Haven't encountered an invitational that wasn't FAT recently. A dual/tri/quad meet may be hand-timed with stopwatches but some schools have their own timing systems.