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    Who are the Yappi Football Top Posters?

    Omar the Dbag, he is Elder Football Yappi
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    Does Joe Biden have CTE?

    Who cares! Biden a lying fn moron without or without CTE!! Don’t Vote for democrats, they All liars!!!!!!!!!
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    Early GCL Basketball Predictions

    Glad everyone can see you are incompetent and acting like Omar the Dbag!! The Assignors or Schedulers have the best job security because Nobody else wants the hassle and bs that comes with it! Now multiple times you claim the “preferred Refs” are in the pockets of Coaches. Grow some Balls and...
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    Let Them Play Up

    What a dumb thread! There are Rules put in place by OHSAA and Member Schools. If they want to change them they will!
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    Beavercreek Football Head Coach Position

    Will Beavercreek get International Candidates like Colerain allegedly did😁
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    Early GCL Basketball Predictions

    Schedulers or Assignors have the best job security on the planet! Do you know why? You do know that the Coaches Vote/Rate the performance of the Officials? You are mad because LaSalle plays an ugly style and the Officials don’t call the Game the You want them. Hate to burst your bubble but your...
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    Early GCL Basketball Predictions

    Do You actually understand the Officials job? Handling the environment (off the Court) is not their responsibility! Again take your beef up with Sagers. Him and his Dad both of whom which I like personally have always used nepotism and the buddy system. You don’t have the Stones to complain to...
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    Twinsburg baseball coach killed in crash

    God Bless his Family and Friends😢
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    Bypassing JV softball and playing travel instead?

    🤫 apparently the Coach who gave the “blessing” doesn’t realize this🤦🏼‍♂️
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    Where Should Glenville Play?

    Whatever their Enrollment calls for and on a Football Field🤷🏼‍♂️
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    2 BLM thugs burn down a Wendy's and get a $500 fine?

    This is exactly how democrat Judges operate! Many of these democrat Judges often refuse to follow the law as written too. They say they give their interpretation but it’s more their personal looney views than an actual interpretation. Another reason why Nobody should Vote for Progressive...
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    2 BLM thugs burn down a Wendy's and get a $500 fine?

    This the norm for democrats on juries and the Bench. Another reason why people shouldn’t Vote for any Democrats.
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    Early GCL Basketball Predictions

    2 things. No HS Coach or Ref around here are in ANYONES Pocket! Talk to Sagers about LaSalle always having the Same Officials not Goedde. I have been an Official in a pretty good amount of Games that Goedde has been the Coach at various levels and never had any issues with him. Obviously there...
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    Cotton Bowl: #9 Mizzou (10-2) vs. #7 Ohio State (11-1)

    Why besides $$$ are there still Bowl Games outside of CFP? Most of the Teams won’t even have the same Players. Some won’t have same Players or Coaches!
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    Biden blackmails Congress: Boots on the ground in Ukraine

    It’s been well established that biden is a corrupt fn moron! Don’t Vote for lying democrats!!!
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    St. X. Basketball thread '23-'24

    Shouldn’t be getting any Ts in a Game that close. Lucky Won by 2 instead of Lost by 2! Fleming well aware of this.
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    St. X. Basketball thread '23-'24

    Tom Compton Graduated before 2000 from X? Andy Larkin was the St, X State Champs Big Man? Not many people more athletic than Mike Marshall especially for size&weight.
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    Democratic Agenda

    Don’t Vote for democrats!!!
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Congratulations Massillon! You all finally actually Won something on the Field!
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    Fenwick Head Coach HOT BOARD

    No doubt