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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    That's a great thought but not entirely correct. Most sports have multiple teams (Green/White/Black) so more kids get playing time.
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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    Must have been one of those snooty parents that JBaller spoke of.
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    Top incoming freshmen to watch

    The latest is that Jed is repeating 8th grade for the third time.
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    Sloppy Attire

    What ever happened to wearing decent clothing when going out? I noticed at concerts, casino, flying, etc. that many people dress like slobs. Anyone else notice this?
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    Concerts. 2021 and beyond.

    Back in the day, The Black Crowes opened for Aerosmith and were removed for calling out the headliner for using pre-recorded music and vocals.
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    Concerts. 2021 and beyond.

    I saw Jason Isbell in Cincy last Friday. He put on a great show!
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    Kings Island to require chaperones after increase in 'unruly' behavior

    Now, let's see Liberty Center and Kenwood Mall do the same!
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    Football and wrestling coaches

    Every kid wrestles "club" in the off season, right?
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    Concerts. 2021 and beyond.

    Billy Strings is amazing. Too bad I missed that show. I am going to see Jason Isbell at this venue in April. Hoping that the Avett Bros make it here too.
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    Possible High Schools - OAC Girls Placers

    How many of these girls are holdbacks? Asking for a friend.
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    2022 SWOWCA Coaches Classic

    No Mason??
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    Hoban Defensive Back transferring to Moeller

    Maybe Gerry Faust can show him how.
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    Youth Community Team Tournament

    A great way to show how wrestling can be a team sport and prepare these kids for middle school. Let the community teams wrestle for the pride of their town and let the club teams find events for club teams.
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    Friday Updates (11/11/22)

    Moeller kids taunting Mason sideline. Classkess
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    Friday Updates (11/11/22)

    Moeller kids taunting Mason sideline. Classless.
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    GMC Football Pick'em Week 10

    No discipline at all.
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    What's going on at West Clermont?

    Aside from the inability to spell and create a proper sentence?
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    Restaurant chains that are no more

    #3 was super sirloin. #4 was chopped steak.
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    SWOWCA - Dec 18/19

    What in the world has happened to Mason? Once a top team and they're in 32nd place after day 1?