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    Friday Updates (10/27/23)

    Badin 41 Goshen 0 Half
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    2023 Southwestern Buckeye League

    Will Edgewood ever score a point?
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    Troy Trojans

    Is Steve Channel the OC at Troy
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    Week 2 Franklin (0-1) @ Marion Local (1-0)

    You're Falcons, as you said should have killed Franklin but obviously didn't. Wait until you play Badin I see a 50 to nothing arse whupin in your future
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    Saturday Updates (8/19/23)

    Thanks bud I just wanted some scores
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    Best All-time Cincinnati Area Running Backs

    Evan was a great kid smart and a hard worker. He proved that at UC going from walk on to earning scholarship as a safety and outstanding special teams player. He was a good rb but I can name at least 15 others from Edgewood that were much better
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    Best All-time Cincinnati Area Running Backs

    Where do you think Jon Elder should be on this list if at all
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    Troy Trojans

    Is the Czar the OC there
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    FTL Area elementary Football

    I will tell you from a lot of kids I have known for the last 12 or so organized youth football can become daddy ball extremely fast I've seen pushed aside by their daddy coaches. It gets worse. If you must go that route find an organization whose purpose is to teach fundamentals and not win at...
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    2023 Southwestern Buckeye League

    How do you think Edgewood and Ross's levels going down will àffect the big school division? Ross is in bad shape Edgewood not so much but their administration is not above using football as a threat.
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    Indian Hill Top Coaching Candidates

    Arrogance at it's finest or worse? Buthe did provide me with one of my all time memories.
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    Rumors about the SWBL expansion to 12 teams...

    No not no but hell no.
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    Low participation not fielding all teams. Nortwest and MH fanbases travel very poorly I'm saying 28 people or so. I was at an Edgewood MH game a couple of years ago when the Owls were undefeated the Edgewood crowd had them outnumbered 2000 to 50. It was at MH last game of the season and senior...
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    Rumors about the SWBL expansion to 12 teams...

    This is the first time in Edgwood's existence they have not been in the same league as Talawanda.
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    The SWOC was doomed from the beginning. After seeing the FAVC Scarlet I'm puzzled. Who thought this was a good idea. I'm sure Harrison has contingency plans.
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    Troy looking for head coach

    Worse game situation coach in the state.
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    Your team's biggest victory in 20 years?

    04 state semi-final vs Brookhaven
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    SWBL news?

    That's because most of yappi is to ignorant to know what a hillbilly is.