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  1. Auggie

    Army - Navy 2023

    #1 rivalry in US sports, maybe not at the highest level of the sport these days but it means so much more than the game.
  2. Auggie

    2023 Dead Celebrities/Athletes

    Ryan O'Neal:
  3. Auggie

    NCAA Proposes New Division I

    Heard an interesting take on why this is moving forward at this point, primarily because they want to get pro sports like anti-trust exemption through Congress. This really moves college sports to a more pro like model. Also expect many smaller "chopped up" sub divisions under the NCAA banner...
  4. Auggie

    Nation/World Cup Chatter

    Copa America Groups:
  5. Auggie

    Portal News

    On 3's portal tracker which includes projections. Not sure how accurate these are but some interesting callouts: Nolan with a heavy lean to Oregon. Donte Moore between MSU and Miami. Trevor Etienne to UGA. (This would be like...
  6. Auggie

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Jack Miller!
  7. Auggie

    Portal News

    ESPN #1 transfer, former Texas A&M Edge Walter Nolan, visits Oregon this weekend. A lot of chatter that Dillon Gabriel will be their QB in '24 too. Oregon looks to be very aggressive in the portal and will be one of the faves heading into the nationwide B1G. Hosts tOSU in Eugen for one of the...
  8. Auggie

    Ohio State Recruiting

    Not sure that was quite the story, some think Mike Yurcich was the guy that identified CJ and pushed for his consideration... Stroud was down low on the recruiting rankings coming out of his Junior year and then famously went on the camp circuit and just blew everyone away with his skill set...
  9. Auggie

    New North Coast Conference In related news contractors just finished installing this at the football offices at NDCL:
  10. Auggie

    Strongsville's Lou Cirino is Out

    Word is NDCL is now also looking for a football coach, could be a good match.
  11. Auggie

    Let's enjoy the Music!

    NPR did a bit on them a few years back and I found the story fascinating, basically they were so bad artists types found the brilliance.
  12. Auggie

    The Mandalorian/All Things Star Wars

    Never say never when it comes to making $s off of a story.
  13. Auggie

    2023 Benedictine Football

    Convenient for the team.
  14. Auggie

    2023 Benedictine Football

    Nope, Shaker.
  15. Auggie

    Ohio State Football 2023

    I would not be surprised if he ends up at a high level SEC program as a #2 back, how is the depth at RB for 'Bama, UGA, LSU, & Texas? They all still pound the ball somewhat and go through RBs because of that. Maybe UM that will be trying to add depth at the spot? My guess is he didn't foresee...
  16. Auggie

    Ohio State Football 2023

    I just saw that too, kind of surprised as I don't see him as a Duke football type of guy.
  17. Auggie

    Cavs 2023-24

    So I went to the game last night and was impressed by the resiliency of the Cavs but 1st about the Magic. Not sure how they are doing it because outside of Paolo Banchero they don't have much. Their guards play no defense and Jalen Suggs has to be one of the bigger recent busts in the draft...
  18. Auggie

    Ohio State Football 2023

    He has Henderson at #3? That is a lot different then PFF who uses more core analytical type numbers: Kiper has him at #5> 1. Jonathon Brooks, Texas 2. Trey Benson, Florida State 3. Audric Estime, Notre Dame 4. Blake Corum, Michigan 5. TreVeyon...
  19. Auggie

    Let's enjoy the Music!

    Tis the Season. My go to X-Mas album, along with Brubeck's Time Out the album this is the epitome of "Cool" jazz.
  20. Auggie

    Ohio State Football 2023

    No way should Henderson come back, RBs are very devalued in the NFL at this time and so maybe he goes from a 4-5th rounder to 3-4th rounder if he has a good 2024 at tOSU. Right now he is the 8th RB on the PFF board, #1 is Jonathan Brooks projecting out at the back end of the 2nd beginning of...