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  1. Iroquois

    Who's getting Turf or replacing their turf for this new season?

    A couple of schools that I noticed this summer while I was there for baseball that were getting new Turf . Olentangy Orange, Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Coffman, and Pickerington North.
  2. Iroquois

    First Set of Rankings for the 2023-24 Season - July 26

    Don't forget Dez Gartrell
  3. Iroquois

    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    Sounds like these guys want Great Coaching, Great Drill Partners, Amazing Off Season Club and a Great Schedule. There are a lot of high schools in Central Ohio who have gotten transfers over the years, not just Dublin Coffman.
  4. Iroquois

    Hilliard Darby

    Way to go Dublin Coffman. You guy are setting so many streaks. OCC Titles-7 Top Central Ohio State Dual placement, best ever for a central district team 3rd. FIVE D1 District Championships. (WOW). Highest Central District D1 State Placement 3rd. Congrats to the Wrestlers and Coaches! another...
  5. Iroquois

    OSU vs NU

    Very happy for Seth and Luke, glad they got the start and glad they got wins. Like MPhillips posted above, those two have been at those weights for most of the season. 184 makes a lot of sense for Shumate because of his height.
  6. Iroquois

    2023 OHSWCA State Dual Districts D1 Saturday Feb 4th

    The OHSWCA District Duals: Division I - Darby results are posted on Baumspage.
  7. Iroquois


    Ok, thanks bucksman. I'm sure they will meet some time in the near future.
  8. Iroquois

    University Of Findlay Wins First GMAC TItle

    Congrats Roughnecks!
  9. Iroquois


    Have those two wrestled each other this year?
  10. Iroquois

    Rieman Tourney 1/28/23

    I agree, great Job Dublin Coffman. Another tourney title for the Rocks. The folks at Hayes know how to put on a good tourney with some good teams. I got to attend this tourney twice , and it was top notch and well ran! One year the winners got pies, that was pretty neat.
  11. Iroquois

    OSU vs MSU

    Nice win for OSU! Final Results OSU MSU 125 | No. 10 Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Tristan Lujan (MSU) | D, 3-2 3...
  12. Iroquois

    OSU vs UM and MSU

    Nice to see the Buckeyes win in AA . First time since 2018.
  13. Iroquois

    The Licking Heights Invitational - Sat., Jan. 14th

    Congrats Stallions. This is always a well ran tourney!
  14. Iroquois

    Central OH Dual Results

    This is great great to see. Congrats Rocks, keep the streaks alive!
  15. Iroquois

    NEW Rankings - January 10

    I think with Joshua Padilla not wrestling this year that is huge. He would have been the returning D1 State Runner-up with win's last year over Kilbane and Fockler. He has already enrolled at OSU for football.
  16. Iroquois

    IRONMAN - 2022

    Max Shulaw Wins 15-0 in 2 periods.
  17. Iroquois

    IRONMAN - 2022

    Congrats Ethan!
  18. Iroquois

    IRONMAN - 2022

    Max Shulaw- My gosh, 8-0 in the 1st period. Wow
  19. Iroquois

    IRONMAN - 2022

    Max Vanadia gives up a takedown late to lose 4-3, tough loss.
  20. Iroquois

    IRONMAN - 2022

    Camden McDanel 4-0 so far, tough wrestler who looks huge.