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  1. fleadog101

    Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

    How about Massillon Jackson Vs Massillon Washington Canton McKinley Vs Wadsworth
  2. fleadog101

    Tickets for tonight’s game

    As of this morning 11,000 have been sold for tonight’s game at Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium . Tickets will be available at the stadium they can be purchased at the Center of Excellence at the Hall of Fame Village I will be working that area.
  3. fleadog101

    Massillon last 3 Playoff games

    It has come to my attention in conversation that the last 3 Playoff games those games attendance averages are at 4,980 quite a contrast. Now that they are playing back at Tom Benson Stadium there should be no excuses Benson seating capacity is at 23,260 to be specific with out standing room...
  4. fleadog101

    Green Massillon game

    Hearing that the OHSAA has secured North Canton agin for next week’s game. North Canton is willing to host playoff games
  5. fleadog101

    Do any bars/restaurants livestream games on Friday nights?

    Also this year at the Hall of fame Village Brew Kettle, Don Shula's and Pizza Oven have shown playoff games
  6. fleadog101

    Lake Vs. Massillon game site

    North Canton Memorial Stadium Current official seating capacity 5,600 Before renovation was 6,300 This one makes no sense to me as to why this location and capacity. While both schools are only getting 2,500 tickets each
  7. fleadog101

    WK 13 Massillon (12-0) vs Lake (9-3)

    Only 2,500 tickets per school available
  8. fleadog101

    WK 13 Massillon (12-0) vs Lake (9-3)

    It’s true sorry to say
  9. fleadog101

    WK 13 Massillon (12-0) vs Lake (9-3)

    Only 5,600 seating capacity when they refurbished the stadium it dropped it by 900
  10. fleadog101

    Week 10: Canton McKinley (7 - 2) vs Massillon Washington ( 9 - 0)

    This was what GlenOak brought this year to Benson
  11. fleadog101

    4 Akron City Series schools making the playoffs as well as the whole Federal League

    This is the most School’s from Akron in one year to make the playoffs as East is this year’s champion East should go farther than the other schools congratulations to Buchtel, East, Ellet, Firestone. Meanwhile the whole Federal League makes the playoffs wow what an accomplishment the non league...
  12. fleadog101

    Week 10 Upset specials????

    What game is heavily favored to one school but the potential is there for an upset????
  13. fleadog101

    Week 10: Canton McKinley (7 - 2) vs Massillon Washington ( 9 - 0)

    Akron Hoban is the best team in D1 if Massillon was in D1 they would be favored to win it. Hoban has 7 new kids coming for next year that are bigger and better than what is there now
  14. fleadog101

    Federal League Picks Week 9

    Mckinley Green Jackson Lake
  15. fleadog101

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    East has the better Coaching staff and they currently are getting more college offers for their students
  16. fleadog101

    Who will be the 15th seed in Region 1 also the 16th seed

    Looking at this log jam in Region 1 who will be the 15th seed and who will be the 16th seed??? This is why the OHSAA needs to add 16 more schools to D1
  17. fleadog101

    OHSAA looking at Massillon transfer app

    This is why in the State of Ohio The OHSAA is truly in the Stone Age along with the whole political Process is so out of date. I believe that this issue hopefully forces the whole State of Ohio to deal with the Flawed Biased and Economically Challenged in the state. I first off have a problem...
  18. fleadog101

    Fleas that closed a School

    This is really funny Canton McKinley has been closed due to a Flea infestation I wonder if it will be taken to North Canton for tonight’s game????
  19. fleadog101

    Youngstown East Coaching staff

    Staff from both school were there
  20. fleadog101

    Youngstown East Coaching staff

    Mostly the coaches Youngstown East Coaching staff threw punches at the Akron East Coaching Staff at this point The Akron Police Department is considering Assault Charges against the Coaching Staff of Youngstown East along with several juveniles from Youngstown East. the Stadium at that point...