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    GMC 23-24

    Moeller was missing two starters and 4 total players.
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Horrible coaching by Springfield. I can’t believe they scored there instead of just falling down 4 times in a row.
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    2024 Basketball

    Not at all... Shut the mouth and watch the game. Little Johnny doesn't want to hear their dad or grandpa yelling from the stands anyway.
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    2024 Basketball

    I heard less than 15 kids tried out for the JV team.. Can anyone confirm?
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    Elder vs. Lakota West

    Will the game be streamed?
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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    He's an absolute moron and you're just wasting time arguing with him.
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    D1R4 #3 Lakota West vs. #6 Elder

    West is a much better team and has good coaching. LW 28 Elder 7
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    Elder vs. Oak Hills

    Any idea on ticket sales? The weather should be amazing and I have a feeling its going to be packed.
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    Best 1st Round games??

    I get it, I'm just saying Milford was unlucky in drawing FF with a very good and experienced QB. They will also face them without their 2 best players from what I read. Typically you get a West High or West Clermont who absolutely stink as a 16 seed instead of a FF.
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    Best 1st Round games??

    Milford is really good but without their QB they could have some real issues in a 1/16 game vs Fairfield.
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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    Elder beats OH but they will give up at least 24 to a not so great LW O. The problem becomes can Elder score more than 10/14 against LW. I don’t think they can. A better matchup would have been vs Princeton, I think they could beat Princeton because their O could possibly have long drives and...
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    Week 10: Canton McKinley (7 - 2) vs Massillon Washington ( 9 - 0)

    Why in the world would the officials be responsible for that? If they ended the game early the coaches should have handled it. Bottom line this is on both schools and coaches. I wouldn’t be surprised if they booted both schools from the tournament
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    2023 Harbin Points Thread

    In all seriousness this is great for the Westside. The Pit will be packed like the old days. I’m calling 9,000 fans for this one and get there early. Weather dependent of course but it looks like a 70’ day with potential rain
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    Friday Finals (10/20/23)

    Elder 29 LaSalle 23
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    2023 GCYL League Discussion

    Not sure about football for next year but Antonius and Lourdes are combining for basketball this year. Dominic and OLV doing the same.
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    Week 9 Elder vs. Bishop Chatard(IN)

    What happens all the time?
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    Week 9 Elder vs. Bishop Chatard(IN)

    Strange to say this but Indiana football at the top is better than Ohio. I’m sure at the small school level Ohio would dominate.
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    2024 Elder Football

    Elder has played 3 absolute cupcakes this season! You were talking about how "good" Boro looked during and after the game. They stink and will finish the year with 1 win. The other 2 teams were awful as well. LaSalle and X aren't exactly world beaters but good comp for sure. Moe, Eds, Pn state...
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    Flyin' to the Hoop Schedule

    The GCL folks didn't click on the link as St X is playing in the event. I believe Moeller has played in previous years as well.
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    2023 Harbin Points Thread

    My guess is: Milford Princeton West X Moeller Hamilton Elder Lebanon Rd 2: Milford vs Sycamore Princeton vs Elder West vs Hamilton X vs Moe Rd 3: Milford vs Moe Elder vs West Rd 4 Moe vs West Moe advances to state final 4. I actually hope for playoff seeding purposes Elder loses this...