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  1. BigBulldog

    2021-22 L.A. Lakers

    Nunn is the real deal.
  2. BigBulldog

    CAVS 2022-2023

    Cavs are sorry
  3. BigBulldog

    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: McKinley vs Jackson

    McKinley 34 Jackson 24
  4. BigBulldog

    2021-22 L.A. Lakers

    The injury riddled Lakers beat the Cavs 113-101 to improve to 3-3.James had 26 points.
  5. BigBulldog

    2021-22 L.A. Lakers

    The Lakers blow a 26 point lead and fall to OKC 123-115.A.D. had 30 points. Westbrook had a triple double 20-14-13 Lakers drop to 2-3.
  6. BigBulldog

    2021-22 L.A. Lakers

    Lebron James is ruled out vs OKC tonight do to ankle injury.This injury is a fluke. Desmond Bane fell into James right leg after scoring a layup,causing James to go to the floor. Anthony Davis went down with a right knee injury late in the fourth quarter. Davis is listed as questionable for...
  7. BigBulldog

    Week 6: Canton McKinley at North Canton Hoover

    I think this will be a close hard hitting game.Hoover has really improved.I know there last 2 games were not against good teams but they shut out both teams and there offense is clicking on all cylinders.They should be able to move the ball on McKinley's poor defense.The Bulldogs defense looked...
  8. BigBulldog

    2020 - 2021 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Season

    He will attend McKinley next year.His entire family made sure they are living in the correct District so he can go to McKinley.
  9. BigBulldog

    NBA thread

    Lebron's injury was a fluke.Look at how he got injured.I don't care if he was 22 years old he would be out just as long.He was the MVP of the Championship team last year and was in the running for the League's MVP this year before his fluke injury that caused his bad high ankle sprain. Some...