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    State finals predictions?

    Tipp wins another title.... Tippecanoe Athletics reposted Jim Dabbelt @JDabbs86 · 1h The Tippecanoe Red Devils are your 2023 Ohio D2 boys soccer STATE CHAMPIONS!!!!!! Final- Tipp 2 Revere 0 It’s the second State Championship for Tippecanoe in five years.
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    Three divisions....three private school champions. Must be better coaching:LOL::LOL::LOL:.
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    Waynesville vs Summit Round 2

    Summit wins 3-1 Here's a point to ponder. Was it wise for half the Waynesville soccer team compete in the state final cross country meet a few hours before playing for the right to go to the final four in soccer? Then a hour and a half ride back from Columbus to play soccer in Bellbrook? Cross...
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    Southwest D3 Regional Final: Waynesville vs Seven Hills

    That makes two Miami Valley teams winning regionals.
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    Centerville vs Moeller

    Can someone direct us to the videos in question?
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Summit 3 Badin 1
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    Regional Semis & Finals

    Summit 3 Badin 1 Looks like another round of Summit vs Waynesville. Tied 1-1 in regular season.
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Oakwood 1 Alter 4
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    Questions About Sports Field Construction & Management Needs

    What is the expected lifespan of artificial turf?
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    Link to all Three Southwest District Boy's Sectionals (D-1, D-2, D-3)
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    Link to all Three Southwest District Sectional Brackets (D-1, D-2, D-3)
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    Week 9...

    Bellbrook 2 Oakwood 1 Bellbrook remains unbeaten on the season.
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    Week 9...

    Not sure what you're getting at, but maybe this well help. As an example in the SW District Girls D-2 team assignments, the 13 teams in the Dayton central division are listed...
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    Week 9...

    Top seed and in descending order puts their name on their bracket first. Second seed goes next. They likely go on the other side of the bracket or a different bracket if there are such in their division. Thus the top seeds avoid meeting until all else are eliminated. The bottom seeds have no...
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    State Coach's Poll for w/o 10/2/23
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    State Coach's Poll for w/o 10/2/23
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    Week 8

    Fair enough. We're good.
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    Week 8

    Kind of hard to make that statement that Waynesville is "better by a solid margin than Bellbrook" when I know you haven't seen Bellbrook play. Taking nothing away from Waynesville, they are a phenominal doubt...but there is no comparison as to which team is playing the hardest...
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    Week 8

    5x26 were you at the Milford- Bellbrook game? Assessment?
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    State Poll for Week of 9/25/23