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    OHSAA XC State Meet Results Thread

    I bet the house they will have 75+ officials at the state meet tomorrow and 25+ golf carts for them to ride around in and do very little to nothing. All will get a hotel, mileage, meals, some new gear and get paid. It's beyond silly. It would not have to charge so much if they cut back on...
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    Best Ohio XC Team EVER?

    2012 Mason girls were pretty good. 42 points @ State. Next team 100 points back.
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    OHSAA XC State Meet Results Thread

    $16 pays for lots of officials and golf carts.
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    Timing Companies

    Milesplit was bad again yesterday. Very. At most sites in most races.
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    Troy Regional

    I think Mason boys are a pretty good bet.
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    Timing Companies

    NCAA -Nike - running lane, many states and many other big meets have live scoring throughout the race and at the finish. Live, actual results. It is possible.
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    Timing Companies

    Milesplit is real bad this year. I would say it's time to look at other vehicles to post live results. Milesplit clearly isn't working.
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    Timing Companies

    I'm worried about the results at the regional and state meet. What will we know ?? and when will we know it??.
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    Timing Companies

    Results were kind of wonky again today ...sadly Took about 25 minutes for team results to show up for some of the races and then the mile split page was displaying "Mixed results" that didn't exist. Not sure what's happening there. West Chester said cedarville on the heading etc.
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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    Mason is pretty good at swimming, tennis, water polo and golf. Several state champions in those sports. They do have a fencing team.
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    GCL Coed meet schedule for Sat.? Need info.

    Was the meet at VOA or Christ's church in Mason ?
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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    The difference is if you are a football coach they will find a way to get you a nice comfortable job or a part-time teaching job in the school so you can be fully attentive to the coaching duties. Whereas in cross country or track or many other sports that will not happen.
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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    I'm confused. I thought every team could only run 7.
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    Chip timing coaching instructions

    It sounds like timing companies may be the problem. Bring back gum labels.
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    Troy lights ?

    How was the lighting situation at Troy?
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    No creek crossings permitted without bridges

    I heard they might ban spikes. They're very pointy and sharp. Someone could get hurt.
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    No creek crossings permitted without bridges

    Football tackles okay. Soccer head balls, no problem. Body checks in lacrosse, sure. Metal bats and balls at 90 mph. No problem... but don't step over a hay bale or run through a few inches of water. That would be unsafe.
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    GPS Watch?

    Okay, please help me understand this rule from the OHSAA: 4. Wristwatch A wristwatch, secured to the person, may be worn in competition, including GPS and smart watched The use of GPS or electronic communication is prohibited. 1. What does Watched mean? 2. What does electronic...
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    2023 XC Season

    It is very common for many officials to NOT know the rules. They still go off of what they know from 5-10 years ago and don't keep up. They must not pay attention during those mandatory updates. Many officials will argue with coaches about the rules regarding uniforms and really not know...
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    OHSAA XC Preseason Meet

    If they can make more money..... the OH$AA will do it. They have to pay for the 184 officials at the State XC and Track meets.