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    Week 9: Stow (1-7) @ Nordonia (6-2)

    It'll be years before Stow is competitive. 7th and 8th grade teams did not win a game this year. Nordonia 49 Stow 14
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    Week 5: Stow (0-4) @ Austintown Fitch (3-1)

    Falcons by 5 TD's
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    Division IV 2023

    Most of the same skill that won 6 out of the last 7 games are back. Playoff game v. Buchtel went down to the last series of the fourth quarter (playing without their starting QB. It is a great region and division. You'll find out a lot about Woodridge after non conference schedule. Improved...
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    Division IV 2023

    Woodridge has as much skill as anyone in Div IV region 13, and that includes Buchtel. Two tremendous backs, a returning Sr. QB who threw for over 2,000 yards, and 3 to 4 really good receivers/DB's (2 who are legit all state candidates). The key for them is that they will be really young up...
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    PAC 2023

    Well said. I agree with most of what you said. With this premise then do we bring in other potentially insensitive non-native American nicknames? Could you make a case that "Fighting Irish" is insentive? Either way, if like the Seminole Nation, a group of people could benefit then that's great.
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    PAC 2023

    If not set things right, at least make those changing the name feel better about themselves. Either way, in some cases name changes are very warrented. In others, just the opposite. Some nicknames like Central Michigan (Chippewas) reflect the history of the Chippewa tribe and its connection...
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    PAC 2023

    Instead of pressuring sports teams/schools to change nicknames, maybe the pro sports leagues or universities can make real investments in our Native American reservations.
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    PAC 2023

    My point isn't that Native Americans should not be respected or have not been cheated by the US Government. However, there is a narrative that changing team names will set things right. That's all. By the way, I think we owe them much more given what I saw. That's a separate conversation.
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    PAC 2023

    I drove through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Browning Montana in June. Here are the effects of these name changes. Brand new Govt. subsidized schools, plenty of casinos (where many members of the community spend their money), and trailer after trailer of families with 5 or 6 junked cars...
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    Top Week 1 Games for the Yappi Challenge

    CVCA v. Streetsboro meet for the first time
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    Best DEAD Rivalries (or rivalries of the past...)

    Several games on Youtube. Would be nice to see some of the games from the 60's and 70's on Youtube. THE BEST in Ohio from 1967 through the 70's.
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    Suburban League American (2023)

    Kent's culture has to change. I'm sure the new coach is doing this. Talked to an opposing coach who scrimmaged Kent last year and he remarked that it was a challenge to get the kids to buy in to the concept of two practices a day.
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    PAC 2023

    Coventry would actually have about the same amount of travel in the PAC than the Metro.
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    Division I Region 1 - Top 8 Teams

    Safe to say that Stow will not be a top 8 team. Usual suspects again.
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    Division IV Region 13 - Top 8 Teams

    Struthers scrimmages West Branch at WB this year.
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    Division II Region 5 - Top 8 Teams

    The OHSAA allowing Hoban to remain as a D 2 is laughable. They draw from Summt, Portage, Stark and probably Median counties. Really like Fitch this year!
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    Division IV Region 13 - Top 8 Teams

    Canton South and Buchtel return accomplished QB's. Woodridge has great skill and experince back at QB as well. The Mahoning Valley group of Teams (Poland, Hubbard, Girard, West Branch) are in reload mode. Holy Name and Mooney have tough schedules but talents back.
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    Division III Region 9 - Top 8 Teams

    CVCA, given their schedule, has a great opportunity to be a top 8 team in terms of Harbins. Plenty of skill returns from a playoff team. Whether they are a Top 8 team (non-Harbins) remains to be seen.
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    Suburban League American (2023)

    Revere is a program that will make dramatic progress in the next few years. Very young roster, great numbers in their youth and middle school programs, good leader as head coach (Bobby Nickol), and great facilities. One more thing, former Woodridge coach Jeff Decker will now be a part of...
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    2023 Massillon Football

    Funny how often this happens at Massillon and Hoban.