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    Cleveland Guardians

    of paper?
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    DV State Final: Perry vs Liberty Center

    Hello Pot, I am Mr. Kettle
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    D II State Semifinal: Massillon 14-0 vs Cincinnati Anderson 13-1

    If Anderson's offense gets 2 possessions a qtr., why can't they score?
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    College Football 2023-2024

    McCord passing attempts - 22/35 McCarthy passing attempts - 7/8 that could have something to do with the yardage
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    Ohio State @ Notre Dame

    Are you also 86? That would explain a lot!
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    2023 Massillon Football

    Yes there is!
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    Officiating, what is happening?

    Is it the good ol boy club or the guy with 2 years experience thinks he should get several playoff games and the state finals?
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    Ohio State @ Notre Dame

    It's a Big 10 Crew so you are probably right
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    Steubenville Away Game

    you can read posts without having an account
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    Lakewood St. Edward (4-0) at Massillon Washington (4-0)

    They are all laughing emojis because you people make me laugh. This is pure entertainment!
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    Lakewood St. Edward (4-0) at Massillon Washington (4-0)

    Hahahahaha, you people make me laugh! How can you get this worked up over high school football ?
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    Dementia Joe gets lost again.....

    ????? Maybe you should delete your post above making fun of someone's tweet!
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    Rare MLB Single Game Feats

    I was there as well.
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    TV/Movies about Ohio?

    Keanu Reeves played both Shane Falco (The Replacements) and Johnny Utah (Point Break) both were QB's at OSU in the movies.
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    Trump was right again.

    Maybe for you!
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    Cleveland Guardians

    Stop attacking people
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    2022-2023 General Discussion

  18. J

    Martin RPI

    Thanks.................I think!
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    Martin RPI

    I am guessing this Martin guy was upset that the school he follows, or possibly played for, or has a son/daughter that plays got a bad draw that he didn't think was fair and decides to come up with this system. Will this happen in baseball/softball, soccer or any other sport that uses a vote to...
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    Who Invited Winter?

    Ok, I might be guilty!!!!