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    Tippecanoe vs Celina

    K's is great! It is but I enjoy the food and have great memories of going there with my dad as a kid. I guess I'm an old soul when it comes to diner type places. That said, I wouldn't turn down Wingers if offered.
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    Tippecanoe vs Celina

    Recommending Wingers over The Spot makes me question the validity of every post you've ever made and will ever make. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Rumor about 6-7 divisions in basketball

    So why doesn't it happen more? I gave data. You are speaking in generalities. If enrollment doesn't matter much, why such dominance by the larger D1 schools over the smaller ones? Do you have data from other parts of the state that differs from what we are seeing in Southwest Ohio?
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    Rumor about 6-7 divisions in basketball

    People say this but other than the exception of those "super teams," what data do you have to support this? In Southwest Ohio, there are more D2 football-sized schools in Division 1 basketball than D1 football-sized schools. Yet something like 41 of the last 44 district champions are D1...
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    Rumor about 6-7 divisions in basketball

    Make division 1 in basketball the same as football, then divide everyone else into four divisions for five total.
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    Rep. Edwards suggests the government should take over the OHSAA

    It would be interesting to know OHSAA's plan once they hit their target of a year's worth of expenses saved up - which may happen after this year's playoffs. Are they reducing ticket costs? Going back to sharing more of the money with local schools who make the playoffs? Use some of the surplus...
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    Rep. Edwards suggests the government should take over the OHSAA

    If the state takes over I nominate Scipio for the new leadership position. He has years and years and years and years and years and years of wisdom in regards to high school sports.
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    Rep. Edwards suggests the government should take over the OHSAA

    Edwards represents an area that still cares about high school sports and one where $15 tickets (and really, $12 tickets) present a financial hardship. Threatening a state takeover is a bridge too far (and probably a bluff) but I'm sure he's heard a lot from his constituents.
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    Region 28 Playoffs

    You do realize there is a game log function on these conference sites, right? There was never a 2 QB system. Osborne did a great job filling in but he didn't play QB until Platfoot got hurt. St. Henry probably wins with Platfoot playing...
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    Ticket prices

    Because band parents are more committed to help than athlete parents or boosters. The major reason bands get the concessions is that they have the ability to man the concessions through volunteers. As someone else in the thread said, people just don't want to volunteer for stuff anymore. But...
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    2023 gwoc season

    Are we sure there are two good teams? Centerville was outgained in all but two GWOC games this year. That's probably the flimsiest 6-1 you'll see. Wayne is probably the most talented but is so unreliable. Just a weird year in the conference but next season I think it will be very strong with a...
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    2023 TRC football

    Someone has to be a homer for the Pirates: Riverside - 28 MU - 21
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    I believe only one team per region made the playoffs in the '70s. In 1980 it went to two teams per region, then in 1985 it went to four teams per region.
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    Call for replacing HS coaches?

    The environment isn't 20-30 years ago where successful small school coaches naturally looked to go to bigger programs. People stay in good situations and I don't blame them. It's also getting harder and harder to find qualified people to fill out coaching staffs. The grass is not always greener.
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    Springfield (2-3) at Fairmont (3-2)

    Some of us are old enough to remember Glen Mason as coach at Minnesota. He took them from doormat (16-39 the five years before he got there) to making a bowl game every year. But after a few years of success, suddenly "just" being 64-57 wasn't good enough, so he got fired. Minnesota went out...
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    Concession Stand Delicacies of Ohio

    I'm just waiting for Scipio to weigh in on this topic. I feel like he'd be an expert.
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    Covington cancels game in 2022

    Dave Miller won a lot of games at Covington and I don't think anyone would accuse him of not instilling toughness or discipline into his program.
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    2023 TRC football

    I lived in Champaign County for many years, so I'm very familiar with the CBC. I've also seen you on here for years saying the CBC is going to blow up (because Greenon bailed?) when by all accounts the actual school administrators who make these decisions are content with where the league is at...
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    2023 TRC football

    What's the upside for Graham to go to the TRC? You'd be leaving a conference where you can play a full schedule in every sport for one with three small schools (Riverside, Lehman and TC) that don't have every sport that you offer. You have the potential ticking timebomb of Bethel's enrollment...
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    2023 TRC football

    The CBC Mad River schools' enrollment ranges from 153-216. Milton-Union would be a fit as far as school size goes - it would be another district that like most of the CBC has seen a sharp decline over the last couple of decades. But the travel would be awful for them. Milton has to be seen as...