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    DIV State Semifinal: Steubenville vs. Kettering Alter

    What is this OHSSA you keep referring to and why are they part of your conspiracy theory?
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    Region 11: #1 Bishop Watterson vs #7 Bellefontaine

    I hope everyone was able to sit where they wanted to sit. Congrats to the Watterson players on the win. It couldn’t have been easy for them to overcome the egregious seating issue and concentrate on the game. A true lesson in perseverance.
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    Neutral playoff game sites

    If you put him on “ignore”, you can’t see what he posts. It’s been very helpful.
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    Lack of crowd cause of Ticket Price?

    I frequented both sites. Grew up in Lorain and went to King. Would spend Friday and Saturday nights at George Daniel since there were almost always 2 games a weekend. Basketball wise, there were times in the 80s all four schools (including Lorain Catholic) were thriving at the same time.
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    Lack of crowd cause of Ticket Price?

    I’d drive with friends 2-3 hours to go see random games. Life evolves. I watch football all weekend, yet will rarely attend in person. The in-home experience is 100x better to me, I know people would rather be there and I think that’s great too.
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    Lack of crowd cause of Ticket Price?

    I agree with this. We as a whole on a here make the mistake that just because WE like high school football, everyone should like it. I know longer live in Ohio, but I rarely go to my local high school’s games (this wouldn’t change in Ohio). By Friday night, between work and shuttling my kid...
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    Greater Cleveland Conference (2023)

    I have about 40 people on here placed on “ignore” It makes for a much better experience.
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    OHSAA Wants To Continue To Play State Football Title Games In Canton...WHY?

    Summit and Stark counties alone have 900k people combined, that number is grossly underestimated.
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    Glenville’s D’shawntae Jones the best player in Ohio by far

    Pro tip: Put him on ignore. I see none of his ramblings anymore.
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    Glenville’s D’shawntae Jones the best player in Ohio by far

    Hope questioning a good players mentality makes you feel better about yourself
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    Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.

    I can’t imagine the school would put in to host given the issues there currently.
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    Elyria Catholic placed on probation for football recruiting violation

    A little backstory. The EC coach started this year and is a former star player at Elyria (and Ohio St). The Elyria coach started there this year and left being head coach at EC to coach at Elyria I’m not privy to what went on, but there’s always been a little bit of animosity between the...
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    OHSAA Financial Report Through The End of 2022-23 Fiscal Year

    This is fairly common
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    New Ohio HS Football Historical Website

    I think an aggregate page would be great for the playoffs. If you have years, divisions, teams it wouldn’t look much different than the individual team pages. I love looking at all the venues that have held playoff games
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    New Ohio HS Football Historical Website

    This is a phenomenal undertaking and has tons of great data. If I can make one small suggestion at first glance, is it possible to freeze the header row under each school so that we know what column we’re looking at as we scroll down? Also will there ever be a master playoff results page?
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    Week 3: Glenville (2-0) at Avon (2-0)

    Probably: The article from his commitment says he’s the first player from the whole county since 2002. They’ve certainly had talented players that have gone D1, but certainly not to the level of Glenville.
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    Week 3: Glenville (2-0) at Avon (2-0)

    Since Springfield is full of elite players, can you tell me the last one to play at Ohio St before Aaron Scott committed?
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    Week 3: Glenville (2-0) at Avon (2-0)

    I blocked him years ago
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    Canceled games NE Ohio

    Field conditions. Also in some cases schools were closed
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    Yappi made Message Board Geniuses

    Never saw it since the poster is one of many I have on ignore.