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    McRib... yes or no....should it be on the menu.. all the time

    First the shake machines need to be working...
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    McRib... yes or no....should it be on the menu.. all the time

    I had one last week. Tasted OK but alot more expensive. Read several years ago that McDs brings it back when pork prices are low...
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    Should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a National Holiday?

    I'm retired, do whatever needs done...
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    Junk mail

    They rarely make it into the house. I usually drop them off in the recycling bin...
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    Ever Have Child(ren) Play HS Football?

    Our daughter was a cheerleader. Didn't want to play football...
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    London Super Bowl?

    Talked about it on WLW this morning. It's all gonna boil down to who gives the NFL the money...
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    Ice Cream

    Homemade brand Cherry Cordial. Wife and I went to UDF last night...
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    GMC Football 2023

    Not that it matters but final was 36-30. They did not kick the extra point...
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    That didn't used to taste like that, did it?

    Did you get a box of extra crispy?...
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    2023 Bengals

    Chase named AFC offensive player of the week . He was right, he was open...
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    XFL or USFL

    I thought they would merge but I didn't think it would be till 2025 or 2026...
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    Bishop Fenwick at Chaminade Julienne (Thursday Night)

    This is on dayton TV on ota channel 22.3
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    2023 Bengals

    The best was that Burrow wasn't limping. Now today he might be hurting...
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    Usher set to headline Super Bowl LVIII halftime show

    Yet another half time I won't be watching...
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    2023 Bengals

    Is there a sign up sheet at paycor for backup qb...
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    Edgewood 2023

    Hoser, kinda quite for the last month... Will edgewood still compete for the regional title?...
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    Recommendations and Suggestions for Making Friday Nights Better at the Stadium

    Yes Yes Yes. My local school does their competition show. I tell people around me that they will see this "show " all 5 games...
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    Thursday Night: Oakwood at Waynesville

    It's on local Dayton over the air channel 22.3 (not sure the cable channel)
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    Week 5: St Henry (1-3) @ Coldwater (4-0)

    I have some interest in this game. My late father went to both schools. SH: Fr So C: Jr Sr