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    Cleveland Browns 2023 Edition

    Remember when the Brian Hoyer led team blew out the Steelers. Some of the national talking heads were saying that with the Browns remaining schedule that year, that the Browns had a good chance to win the division. The next week they laid an egg and got beat by the Jags.
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    Why the hate and protests for Jews but none for Muslims?

    Isn't the purpose of a protest to gain as much coverage and attention as possible ?
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    Worst Record to Ever Defeat a Team Finishing 9-1

    If my memory is correct, Howland still had a grass field and it rained all day. Niles won 3-0 in double OT. Chris Settlemire, who is probably the best QB Howland had since Bill Burke, was injured and did not play. When he came back, Howland knocked off an 11-0 Canfield team in the 2nd round of...
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    Remembering the Youngstown City Series

    Bennie Allison was part of the Ohio State team involved in the Minnesota-Ohio State "brawl". He was interviewed in Sports Illustrated article about how the the Minnesota players passed by him and another African American player looking for someone to hit Not to take anything away from Bennie...
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    Ironic thing about Richmond Heights !

    About 15 years ago or so, one of the Cleveland TV stations did a report on the 6PM sports about the 8th grade Richmond Heights team with their 2 6'6" stars. The next year the one kid is at Bennedictine and the other is at VASJ. You had to feel sorry for the school at that point. Also concerning...
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    Ed Choice hands Richmond Heights D4 basketball title

    Referring to a group of people as 74 % "colors" is not a good look in 2023.
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    Why no updates from state semifinals ?

    Really surprised to not see anything . Am I looking in the wrong place ?
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    What’s the highest an alternate has placed at State?

    Is Wesley a 7 year old and you're predicting the future or did you mean to type 2022 ?
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    The Top Ranked Football Players of All-Time from Ohio High Schools

    Don't see Maurice Clarett on this list. Wasn't he the USA Today national player of the year ? Now i see that it is only based on pro accomplishments.
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    2010 Nordonia Season Opener

    Could the historical significance be that this might have been the first game where Brian was the mascot for Nordonia ?
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    Question for people from Warren

    Did Tim "Bear" Brown, who just passed away, play for Ohio State ? I know his brother Aaron did and I thought Bear did. Couldn't find his name on any database of former Buckeye players.
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    Analytics, universal DH are dragging down baseball

    Not having a DH would be like if the NFL said that every offensive lineman must carry the ball .
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    Better Call Saul Final Season

    The Big Bang Theory meets Better Call Saul. If Stuart didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any.
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    What was your telephone exchange name?

    ours was GOdfry 1-2323, but we would get many calls for GArfield 1-2323. If that number isn't familiar, you've never watched any commercial TV stations out of Cleveland.
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    Hmmm...A Look At Gilmour Academy's Roster, Playing For A State Championship

    I see a roster of players from towns you would expect to be sending players to a school like GA. People familiar with that part of the Cleveland Burbs know that it is common to see "Welcome to XXXXX" signs every 10 minutes going down certain streets.
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    Friday, March 4 Final Scores

    I think that was the score when they played in regular season. Last night was 63-56 Louisville.
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    Jefferson out of the NE8 starting 2023.

    Some of them went to Spring Hill, TN or Arlington, TX or anywhere else that has a GM plant that took transfers from Lordstown.
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    Youngstown Cardinal Mooney in 2022

    When the playoffs first started only 1 team qualified per region. A lot of great teams were staying home during week 1 of the playoffs.
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    “Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding.”

    I was only good enough in basketball to play one year of JV basketball. If I would have found a loophole to allow to me identify as an 8 year old when I was 17 and played in a league of 8 year olds, I could have bragged about how being trans aged has not hindered me from dominating this league.