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    Troy Regional

    The course is in really good shape right now and could definitely handle some rain in case it gets any before and/or during Saturday.
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    UC Putting a Dome over it's T&F Stadium for the Winter!?

    Anyone have any more specific details about this? Curious if they would (or be able to) host any HS Indoor meets? Southwest Ohio could definitely use more options for indoor meets.
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    Evelyn Prodoehl 16:59!

    We (GCL Coed) raced later in the day at VOA and footing seemed pretty decent overall despite rain. I'm sure it was even a little better in the morning. Not sure about the wind in the morning---in the late afternoon was definitely picking up pretty good.
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    GCL Coed meet schedule for Sat.? Need info.

    GCL South was Christ's Church in Mason. GCL Coed was at VOA.
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    GCL Coed meet schedule for Sat.? Need info.

    The GCL Coed Meet is at Voice of America Park this year. We were told Fenwick could no longer host the meet due to construction on campus and interfering with the course. Here is the schedule: 1:30 p.m. – Course Opens for athletes/coaches 2:20 p.m. – Welcome, Prayer Read, and National Anthem...
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    Chip timing coaching instructions

    You all did an amazing job with so many races, athletes, and as you mentioned, super tight time schedule. Thanks!
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    XC Rivalaries

    Yes, I agree about Rapid Run Park and loved it when all the GCL schools (South, Central, and North) ran there together for the league meet, and scores were separated after to determine division champs. The atmosphere was 2nd to none and the competition before the tournament always helped our...
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    Way Too Early 2023 GCL-Coed Predictions/Thoughts

    Wow! 50 Freshman out! That's crazy impressive. How big is the current freshman class at McNick? Kudos to the coaches for getting that many boys out and guessing other coaches (winter/spring sports) at McNick support their athletes doing multiple sports.
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    Week 6 games (Technically..)

    Wed: Carroll at Badin Sat: Bellbrook at Carroll Carroll is undefeated but those will both be big tests to see how good they are.
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    Friday Finals (9/8/23)

    Carroll 35 Northwest 28
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    Week 4 games

    Carroll 5 Monroe 2
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    2023 season

    Carroll 5 Monroe 2
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    Milesplit - Verified Lists vs. Regular?

    I received an email from someone at OATCCC and they said milesplit was probably still updating everything. I know our team was originally not listed in the verified rankings but now are. I'm sure they'll get it all right by tomorrow.
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    Friday Finals 1/20

    Carroll 59 CJ 58
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    Track and Field Divisions?

    T&F Divisions for 2023 and 2024 announced today:
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    Dave Dobson from Centerville named new Head XC Coach at University of Dayton
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    State Meet Schedule

    It looks like 4 to 6 on Thursday. I had to dig through the information on the ohsaa website to find it under "2022 Tournament Regulations" on the State Tournament Coverage page.
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    2021 Enrollment Numbers Posted to determine Divisions for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024
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    OATCCC Indoor Championships - Highlights - Justin Braun 6.62 OHIO RECORD - Kenna Stimmel 14' 2" OHIO RECORD

    We were up there for both days because our guys are D1 and girls are D2. Overall the meet was really well run and some outstanding performances across the board. Indoor T&F in Ohio continues to grow and the competition continues to get better. Props to the OATCCC and those who organized and ran...
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    Does School Size Matter?

    3 of Waynesville's top 5 runners also play Varsity soccer. Badin has 2 of their top 5 runners also play Varsity soccer.