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    D I State Championahip: St. Edward vs Springfield Part 3

    Ed’s by 14
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Kiss of death right there.
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    DIV STATE FINAL Glenville vs Alter

    Should be a good game
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    No one really cares
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    Coldest playoff game you've attended

    1983 Elyria Catholic vs. Fostoria in Lorain. 6 inches of snow, -6 windchill, drainage at George Daniel Field wasn’t working. Great night for football!!
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    Don’t believe you are familiar with Avon’s program with your comments. They have plenty of talent. Massillon folks are familiar with them since they scrimmage every year.
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    DII State Semifinal: Akron Hoban vs. Avon

    Trying to stir the pot
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    2024 St. Ignatius Football

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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Didn’t get the call and Avon won
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    Pick North got cheated

    You can’t handle the TURTH!
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    WK 13 Massillon (12-0) vs Lake (9-3)

    Massillon 49-7
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    #1 Hoban vs. #4 Riverside @ Twinsburg

    Hoban 42-7
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    Canton McKinley (9-3) vs St Edward (11-1)

    Ed’s 42-14
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    Week #13, #3 Glenville vs. #2 Shelby

    Shelby needs to be lights out or they will get blown out
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    Friday Updates (11/3/23)

    VASJ is really beating themselves tonight!