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    Week 6: Perry Panthers (2-3) at Louisville Leopards (1-4)

    How do keep get better when you have a bench of players-with little playing or game experience and you are playing starters when you are losing by 43 !!!!!! Give those players a chance.....and you wonder why the numbers are low.
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    Game of the Week - Glenville at IMG Academy

    $28 is low, closed to $50+
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    Coaching Openings

    Whats up with the Louisville job?
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    Pay to play at Perry or Louisville ????

    Louiville has had pay for play for years, i dont know what the current rate is.
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    Ohio Ms. Basketball Finalists Announced by OPSWA

    Bell is playing professional basketball with the Las Vegas Aces....championship last year!!!!!
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    Thoughts ???

    Yes watched the game....another classless act.....has nothing to do with other team pulling starters, show a little class. Reputation goes a long way....
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    Thoughts ???

    Winning by 20 a minute to go in game.....all 5 starters are still in game.....padding your stats !?!?....what about all those players that show up and practice everyday only to sit......
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    Don't need inside experience...same as Davis had no head coaching experience...need to clean out staff and start over.
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    they got rid of football coach,, but leave the basketball coach in place for doing same thing.........
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    Finally. Need to go outside and get new blood. But who would want it???
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    Louisville Leopards Football 2022

    Can you imagine what the season would have been if we would have started with the backfield of Roberts, Davide and Ramsey..........
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    Louisville vs Perry Preview

    new quarterback...............
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    Week 6: Louisville Leopards (1-4) at Perry Panthers (3-2)

    rumor has it........finally a new quarterback tonite......
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    Hey, Can someone do me a favor here?

    Time for coaching change!!!! Current staff has shown NO improvement.......
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    All State teams or All District teams?????

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    Will all state games be televised,or just championship games ?

    watched all girls semi and final games on Spectrum, if you are a customer it is free. follow instructions on OHSAA site.
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    Ms Basketball and All State teams????

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    Ask the Ref?

    Why is it a technical foul in girls basketball to grab rim during warm ups?