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    Special Election Aug. 8th Issue 1

    One person being a tiebreaker, makes it easier for stealing a election. One fraudulent vote takes it.
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    One Conservative's Case Against Donald J. Trump

    Trump had to defend himself, his whole term, witch hunt after witch hunt. The fix was in for Hillary Clinton, in 2016, but it wasn't enough, to overcome. The deep state is angry & will stop at nothing to keep the chaos going. There is no reason to keep attacking Trump, if Biden truly won...
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    State budget includes law requiring cash sales

    My PNC bank no longer has a teller. Lots of stores no longer need cashiers, So that tells me this digital currency is killing jobs. Not to mention that a smartphone has kids not wanting to go outside to play, People are texting and driving, Both did more damage than good
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    Afghanistan FUBAR

    Biden should be holding his main man accountable, is how, I see the whole withdrawal,
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    Wife Has Divorced me

    Was her name Tiffany, I for one, knows what you are going through, Best thing is to let her go. Her & her new man, is built on cheating, that most likely, the relationship will be short lived. There is no fixing the marriage, it will never be the same,
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    Rigged election?

    Election interference has been happening a long time, through sealed documents,
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    A Government at War with Its People

    Trump just needs to give up the documents, So these life long politicians can, learn a thing or two.
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    A Government at War with Its People

    Trump is the only one who has military secrets, the rest have KFC recipes
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    A Government at War with Its People

    Fake news and sealed documents, sure did make a mess of things
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    A Government at War with Its People

    Wonder what is in all these top secret documents, sounds to me, like the Gov has lots of secrets, Could or would these documents have information, that would change the voters opinion,
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    Do you wish the OHSAA would reduce the playoff teams (4? 6? 8?) like the "old days"

    With 16, The teams do not have to play for the points, To get in. I like the 8 per region
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    Trump and Putin

    Do we know the status of the Biolabs in Ukraine
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    Streaming Services

    Never had any issues with Direct TV, Till ,I had to go through At&t. At&t destroyed Direct
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    Streaming Services

    I canceled direct TV end of February Then, Att billed me for direct again in March, I was told to only pay the internet part of the bill, Direct needed to tally up account balance and get their equipment back, For the final bill, The end of March, I received a master card rebate from DirecTV...
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    2023 Massillon Football

    I do not think it will. Opening week, usually draws a nice size crowd, but not like week 10. I'm not familiar with valdosta area income, To be make the trip. I'm seeing that general admission is 12.00 dollars,
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    HS Football HOF Coming to Canton

    How much foot traffic would, high school level draw, anyplace else.
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    ? about Jan. 6th....

    The man who had access to all the footage, is now silenced,
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    Recreational Marijuana in Ohio

    Weed is only illegal do to control. Kinda like Jaywalking, If you get caught, you will have to pay fines
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    Private/Charter vs Public

    This is my main reason for private schools to leave OHSAA Football, & play football in the spring.
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    Ohio is behind in high school football

    I'm with you, & say let the private schools explore it