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    PBP Basketball Classic

    Updated schedule as well as free preview article: Click Here for Article Pick Em Challenge Ticket Information Players to Watch Preview for ALL 14 Teams
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    2022 Ohio Play By Play Classic

    Subscribers to NEO Spotlight's "Through the Scope" get access to: 200+ Regular Season Schedules 80+ Showcase Events (w/ lineups) Exclusive Articles Daily Schedule for OHSAA Tournament List of Division 1 & Division 2 commitments And more! Click Here to Sign Up
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    Early scrimmages

    Looks like the team list was updated a bit but here you go!
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    Early scrimmages

    Lima Senior Mega Scrimmage Saturday, November 12th 1. Lima Senior 2. Shaker Heights 3. Lutheran East 4 Pick Central 5. Dayton Dunbar 6. Walnut Ridge 7. Richmond Heights 8. Northmont 9. Princeton 10. Pick North 11. Withrow 12. Africentric 13. Maple Heights 14. Canton Mckinley 15...
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    Federal League 2022-23

    A few coaches believe they could have 3 all league selections with Sabin, Brown, and Wolf
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    (FREE) 2022-23 Federal League Preview Article

    Thank you for the support!
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    (FREE) 2022-23 Federal League Preview Article

    Article Includes: Preseason Poll (Voted By Coaches) Preseason Awards (Voted By Coaches) Team Previews Team Schedules Key Players & Breakdowns Article Link: Click HERE Want more articles like this? Subscribe to NEO Spotlight's "Through the Scope" below: Click HERE
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    Federal League 2022-23

    The coaches in the league are pretty high on Perry and are expecting them to be competitive. I'll be posting my full Federal League preview in the coming days.
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    Ohio & Michigan Square off at "Midwest Live"

    "Midwest Live" is a great event for any basketball fans who are looking to see some high-level games this summer. One hundred of the top teams from Ohio and Michigan will square off in Sandusky, Ohio in front of Division 1 college coaches. The event is open to the public and costs just $10 per...
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    100th Annual OHSAA Tournament

    This weekend marks the 100th annual OHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament and to celebrate, NEO Spotlight has recruited some of the state's most recognized media to discuss: Biggest surprise of the tournament thus far? Who has the best chance to beat Centerville? Which is the most competitive...
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    Basketball websites that have scores, standings and schedules

    NEO Spotlight ( ) offers scores and a daily schedule for the entire tournament, organized by Division. Link to subscribe is below! Through the Scope: Click Here
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    Sophomore Stock Risers (Free Article)

    Brecksville sophomore Luke Skaljac turned in a big-time performance last night as they knocked off St. Edward on the road. The 6'0 guard finished with a game-high 31 points and that win has given the Bees a chance to secure the best regular season in program history! Read the article below to...
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    Wednesday, February 16 Final Scores

    D4 Tournament Games Today
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    Wednesday, February 16 Final Scores

    D1 Tournament Games Today
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    Tuesday, February 15 Final Scores

    NEO Spotlight offers a daily schedule for the entire tournament (split by division) that gives you an organized layout of all the games to watch, including time, location, and score updates. I've put over 20 hours into typing it all up and figured it could be a beneficial tool for those who are...
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    Mid-Season Report - Media Discussion (FREE)

    As we approach the midway point of the 2021-22 season, NEO Spotlight has teamed up with some of the top scouts and media representatives from across the state to recap the season thus far. Topics: Who Wins Mr. Basketball? Biggest Stock Risers Centerville or The Field? Dark Horse Teams Capable...
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    Statewide Rankings (D1-D4)

    Yes, they're on my website under "Through the Scope". Register at to see the team rankings, game schedules, list of showcase events, and much more.
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    Cincinnati D1 Top 10... after 3 weeks

    I think Elder is FAR too low on this list! They should absolutely be in the top 3-4
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    2021-22 Showcase Events

    Should be the best one day event in the state! Games 2-5 are LOADED
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    Statewide Rankings (D1-D4)

    Number 1 & Number 2 are crystal clear in Division 1, but 3-10 is up in the air.