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  1. 97Raider

    D V State Semifinal: Liberty Center vs Valley View

    Congrats to LC and a big congrats to VV. I guess this game was much closer than the LC posters suspected.
  2. 97Raider

    DV State Semifinal: Perry vs. Harvest Prep

    This didn’t age well…
  3. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    LC awfully confident.
  4. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    Frankly, I can’t believe the confidence coming out of Reg 18. Not sure when they won the last big one but not the last 3 years for sure. State still runs through Reg 17!
  5. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    Last year could’ve been Miami type conditions and it wouldn’t have mattered. This year a different story. I welcome the rain and cold.
  6. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    Mentor/ Riverside playing Fitch/Ursuline and Perry/Kirtland playing South Range/Poland/Struthers Canfield could go up or down there. We won’t talk about their recent scheduling debacle…
  7. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    It would be great to see more games with those teams vs the Mahoning valley teams in the regular season. Kirtland has scrimmaged Poland the past couple years, but not much crossover there.
  8. 97Raider

    Region 17: #1 Perry vs #2 Canfield South Range

    Plus they already played there last year. It’s good to give the kids a new experience at a new stadium.
  9. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    About as good as you can ask for, 2 NE8 teams playing for a regional championship. Shame the way the region 13 bracket was set. A Poland Struthers regional final would’ve been great.
  10. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    Raiders play Clearview at Barberton
  11. 97Raider

    Week 13 Neutral Sites

  12. 97Raider

    Do any bars/restaurants livestream games on Friday nights?

    The Just One More is a fantastic spot!
  13. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    This thread needs a bump. Interestingly, if the chalk wins, the NE8 will have 5 of 7 teams playing in week 12. I have been saying a lot this year that the conference is much improved. It shows in the playoff rankings too. Struthers, Poland, and Lakeview specifically were drastically...
  14. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    I certainly wasn’t crapping on a high school kid. It was more the arrogance of the original poster assuming the kid was the best in the conference early in the season. I apologize if that is the way it was read, but not the intent. I’ve heard he’s a good kid and is a good player. The SR...
  15. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    I remember people saying Hubbards Bowser as the best lineman in the NE8(7) earlier this year. Simply not the case. South Range and their line gave him the biz tonight. He made a play or two but got cracked more than a couple times by SR line. Also Hubbard hasn’t scored on SR since 2020...
  16. 97Raider

    Hubbard at South Range week 10

    I believe the kids know that any conference opponent should not be over-looked. My guess is the kids are bringing their lunch box everyday at practice and going to work. Also, Hubbard may be better than what SR has to look forward to in week 11. Looking ahead to an unknown opponent shouldn't...
  17. 97Raider

    Best team likely not going to make the playoffs?

    Let’s clarify a couple things here. Mooney was a 13 seed last year that drew a weak Edison team in round one. Their second game was against Norwayne that came down to the last play of the game. Their score against SR was 34-6. For reference, the score of the SR Liberty game in round one was...
  18. 97Raider

    NE8 2023

    WKBN getting it right with Struthers Poland as the Game of the Week. I’ll be interested to watch it late night.
  19. 97Raider

    Niles McKinley @ Struthers

    The current seniors weren’t in high school during the last NE8 loss, yet it is talked about every year they play Niles.