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    NC STATE Three-Peat (Ohio ties)

    JAVMAN--that course has been used quite a few times. You are saying the 6k course was 400-500m short.
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    Best Ohio XC Team EVER?

    2019 Woodridge would be 2nd to St X. You have a good argument relative to other teams for the 2006 team. Will take some digging to find one better than that.
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    Troy Regional

    Little Miami moves on if they don't have that #1, just saying... Having the #1 means you really are only competing four runners vs a teams five.
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    Regional Course comparisons

    Agree with all your points. This also links in with the Mason repeat thread. From what I have seen Mason seems to alternate weeks where they race all out. Conference is NOT. District is HARD. Regional (maybe because Troy is a mess a bunch) is NOT, State is HARD. At this point in the season...
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    Troy Regional

    The #1 for Tipp City boys is what pushes them through.
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    What is wrong with GMC Boys Cross-Country?

    It's a bit eye opening the results. Not really any coaching changes that I know of other than East. Looks to me like the ECC is a better XC conference right now. There is a wave of sickness going around right now, but I would imagine that evens our for everyone.
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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    But if you combined the enrollment of the Dublin schools you are not quite double Mason's size. What is fascinating is how big many of the Southwest schools and how poor many are at XC. I would imagine that if you combined enrollment, wealth (measured with income or property value) and...
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    The Worthington course isn't quite as fast as it had been. They've added some netting and flared the corners in the lower half. Added maybe 30m-40m to it from when Matt ran there.
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    2023 XC Season

    Two sub-15s ever. Edit. Went back and thru milesplit to the VOA site and ran all time records (across any meets). Looks like FOUR different athletes under 15.
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    2023 XC Season

    Same course. Only TWO sub-15s ever run on the course (Mountain and Zegarski, both at District). First chart has times for the Lakota East meet. Second for GMC, last one for District. All the same course.
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    Perseverance is one of the most important predictors of success in life. It is one of the key qualities that athletics enables humans to prove to themselves to gain the confidence needed to have a life worth living.
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    Super Shoes

    In the mid 80s we generally wouldn't see "all weather" tracks until Regionals or a big weekend invite (the 60-80 team kind at a college, not what we have nowadays here). My junior year we had a major flood that destroyed our track. When they rebuilt it it was asphalt. No rubber layer, just...
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    'Everybody benefits': Loveland teacher pushes for track and field expansion

    Our school system every coach signs a supplemental contract for a specific season (i.e. new contract every year in every sports). You get paid twice, once about 75% of the way thru for the first 50% and 2nd payment is usually mid-June. Last year they started a bonus system for coaching kids...
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    Data for Discussion - Is this the impact of evolving spike technology?

    Not sure the level of training hasn't improved over the past few years. I think COVID really allowed some deeper dives on-line. The shoes may be a component, but there are some new approaches to training that have trickled down into HS that may explain some of this as well.
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    Data for Discussion - Is this the impact of evolving spike technology?

    I would require some hard proof in XC. Yes, on hard surfaces the shoes could provide a benefit, but on bermuda grass with some give, not so much. That being said, 1% gain is significant. If you are a miler it is a few seconds and out to 10k would be 15-20s. In parallel, the average athlete...
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    Data for Discussion - Is this the impact of evolving spike technology?

    The "science" that exists in the papers I've read say 1-4% benefit from a mechanical standpoint. Not all runners will get the same benefit as their foot striking mechanics are not the same. For the high schools runners, I think the tell will be comparing XC and track times (which is not easy...
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    Qualifiers to State

    You have to get them out and the running part will take care of itself over a few years. They don't start off from scratch running 30 miles per week. You start with run 1 min and walk 1 min, work your way up from there. Slow kids have fast friends sometimes. XC cannot be 100% having only the...
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    Nike XC Town Twilight

    This Mason team could be better than the 2012 St X team and that is saying something.
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    What is interesting to me is there are only three times on there not done by seniors, and those were juniors. The fastest time from Zach Kreft, only appears there once and at the same race in 2017 with Horter's PR. Horter has 6, Zegarski 5 and Jordan 4.