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    2023 ECC Football

    I've watched everyone in the ECC play this year. Winton Woods has the best defense in this region reguardless of division. Penalties on offense have killed them all season. If they can eliminate some of the penalties they can win the ECC.
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    Winton Woods v West Clermont

    RELAX......... It's still early in the season. The best offensive lineman they have, hasn't returned yet. Plenty of time to fix the issues on offense. Name a better defense in Southwest Ohio. They gave up 50 yards last night to a senior led West Clermont team.
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    Lakota West v Princeton

    All week I heard Princeton was undisciplined and Parker has no control over his kids. Truthfully the score should've been worst. All the recruiting Bolden has done over the years how many state championships does he own? I've noticed when it comes to African American coaches and teams why is...
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    2023 Division II Poll Voting Discussion (Week 1)

    Winton Woods offensive line will be fine. Their best offensive lineman hasn't been cleared yet this season. Looking like he will be back week 3 or 4.
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    Week 2 Winton Woods v Lasalle

    Winton Woods offense is terrible. If they keep the their defense on the field all night it will get ugly.
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    He did play. Wasn't very explosive.
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    2021 GMC Football

    game ended 7-6 east after first couple minutes due to lightning. Princeton played with back up soph qb. Princeton had a busted coverage first play of the game. Princeton is very physical and fast. Don't see East having success with the option.
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    After watching tonights scrimmage, I think Lasalle is in trouble. Secondary will struggle in the GCL. Over the past years they had speed either on offense or defense. They only have one speedster and he might be 5'6 130 pounds.
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    2021 GMC Football

    LMAO. Its sounds personal with you. Princeton is loaded with talent for years to come. How many public schools do you see winning the state championship year in and out. Parker overachieved with the resources and facilities at WW. The year WW miss the playoffs the team they had scheduled to play...
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    2021 GMC Football

    lynn went after the 3rd play of the scrimmage with a hand injury. He's easily the top 1 or 2 dual threat quarterback in the state. Very impressed with defense. Interior line made it hard for Wayne to run the ball. Offensive line will be better than a lot of people think they will.