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    Coventry Coach Ed Egan Steps Down

    One name I've been hearing is J. Kinsey. Current OC at mogadore, who is climbing the coaching ladder fast. People call him the QB whisper and with the athletes coming from the city to coventry Kinsey would be the right match. As of right now it is looking like Kinsey will be the shooting star...
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    WK 12 Fort Frye (11-0) vs Mogadore (10-1)

    Any good places to eat down in Byesville? Trying to get a bite to eat and drink before kickoff
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    WK 12 Fort Frye (11-0) vs Mogadore (10-1)

    If popa is wearing glasses at an indoor facility that means concussion protocol, so that means popa will not play this Friday. Great info @Gunslinger69
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    #7Brookfield (8-2) @ #2Mogadore (9-1)

    My good buddy knows Brookfield's HC very close. Coach Clark is talking about looks this wildcats team has never seen before. Gonna take the underdog in this one because Randy Clark seems like a good ole country boy with some tricks up his sleeve.
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    (7-0)Garfield vs. (6-1)Mogadore:Cleveland Browns Game of the week possibility

    I'm taking the G-men in this one. After a long and grueling non-conference schedule it's about that time where the Cats get worn out and are out of gas. The G-men are too tough for the beaten up Cats. The G-men are the PTC County 2019 Champs! You heard it here first.
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    Springfield hot seat

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Mike Vrabel! I remember watching him play back in 92 against Massillon . But on a more realistic note- some coaching candidates might be K Boyd, Canavan, J Kinsey, B Grubbs or possibly KV steps back in. Just some names in circulation, nothing for sure just names heard.
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    Springfield hot seat

    Not a good look when that happens @chito. At some point bostko needs to take a look in the mirror and figure out if this whole coaching thing is for him. Seems like he’s only in it for the fame at this point. More like a soap opera then football program.
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    Springfield hot seat

    Yeah I hear ya @clarkgriswold ! Just seems like the current HC isn’t what the Spartans need. Probably is tough taking your bosses old job. We’ll see how the end of the season turns out. Depending on if he can keep players and coaches interested and committed I think is the determining factor if...
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    Springfield hot seat

    Coming off the upset over the Coventry comets I thought the Spartans were on the rise even though the comets were minus their best player. With the big win coming into field week the Spartans could have strung together 2 in a row, but field hung 40 plus on them to knock the Spartans back down...
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    Mogadore @ Rootstown

    First week of league play in the county is shaping up to be a good one, 4-1 moggy goes to 5-0 rootstown. The wildcats played great friday, while the rovers pulled one out against a tough STA team. My prediction for the matchup is a 28-20 rover win. The wildcats will come out with no energy...
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    PTC County

    With one more week until league play begins, what can we expect out of the county? Looks like Crestwood is the team to beat, great athletes and great coaching go a long way. Looks like the wildcats are giving up on themselves and the season after a tough week against LCC and might not even...