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    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    Many of the best high school wrestlers didn’t wrestle for the local Jr. High team. Otherwise they are prevented from competing at VAC and other top tier national tournaments. Most will just wrestle for their local club team and bypass the Jr. High system.
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    Brown v McKinney near fall controversy

    There is a big problem in Ohio with refs not understanding high level moves and making the wrong call. That was definitively a Jonsey tilt and McKinney should have been awarded 2+3. St. Ed’s coach definitely knew that move as his kids have been hitting it for years. I watched a ref at Central...
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    Who is the most impressive wrestler you have seen?

    Better than Dillon Campbell? 😂
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    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    Not sure about that. Especially freshman year.
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    Re: OHSWCA State Duals Release 11.29.22

    Will be interesting to see if Marysville finds a way to separate from Coffman and Liberty, ensuring itself a trip to the sate duals.
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    NEW Rankings - December 13

    Pretty sure “deepest” does not mean toughest. But Boro Fan can elaborate.
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    IRONMAN - 2022

    3 of the 5 finalists are central OH boys. Shulaw was the champ not McDanal, although he was so close.
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    OSU Wrestle Offs

    Carson relies much more on skill and athleticism than strength, and he is extremely offensive, one of the reasons he’s so good in FS. Also the reason Hepner dropped to both knees soon as the whistle blew. Carson took many more shots and was very close to scoring multiple times. I’d be surprised...
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    Nebraska and UNC both had National finalists last year and neither are on your “Runners Up” list.
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    Top 8 Rankings

    Probably one year older than Duke. Brock placed 3rd at Fargo Cadet 16U last year, and I’m pretty sure Duke was top age this year. So if my math is correct that puts them one year apart.
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    Top 8 Rankings

    With respect to rankings I don’t see anyone beating Brock Herman at 144 or 150. And imo it’s not close. He has been very impressive and has great wins this summer including tech falls over PJ Duke and Vince Bouzakis. On a side note Beat The Streets doesn’t do weigh ins. You just pick who you’re...
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    OHSAA, drop D3

    Not to mention most of our nationally ranked seniors did not participate at Fargo. We had guys that could have won it or placed very high not go, Shumate, Fishback, Geog, Conley, Burns, Gartrell, Brown, Neffineger, Burnette, etc., the list goes on and on. So it’s not not an apples to apples...
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    Columbus Dispatch - Zero State Tournament coverage

    Only thing I’ve come across:
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    Columbus Dispatch - Zero State Tournament coverage

    Same with Flo. Wall to wall coverage of PA state tournament. Almost zero mentions on anything OH. Dispatch does have coverage though.
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    State Tournament Schedule

    3rd weigh in on Sunday morning? That part was missing in the first posted schedule above. Friday, March 11 11:15 a.m. Weigh-in Begins 12:15 p.m. Weigh-in Ends 3:00 p.m. Wrestling Begins - Session 1 (Championship Preliminaries & Consolation Round 1) 9:25 p.m. Wrestling Ends Saturday, March 12...
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    Division I OHSWCA State Duals - discussion

    Both Denkins and Takats wrestled against Coffman.
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    State duals regional results

    Would love to see a dual competition by district. Top guys in each district on one district super team. I think Central district wins it.