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    Ohio 4X-ers Ranked

    The links provided have been awesome to watch. It is nice to re-watch some of these matches from the past. Marcus Mollica vs. Rick Hepp was a great match. I was a freshman in high school when that went down.
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    Dublin Jerome Head Coach Opening

    If Martinez takes the Job, Jerome will be in good hands. Great guy.
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    Lou Rosselli OUT at Oklahoma

    I read this in that stupid lisp you always do. lol!
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    omar ayoub

    My favorite match of the night!! That kid has some moxy! I am really happy for him. He wrestled with some real fire, and finished on top. Congrats to him, his parents and his coaches.
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    Pinning the way through the state tournament process

    I think Roger Chandler did it. Kind of a throwback name, but man was he tough.
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    2023 Ohio State Tournament Predictions Report

    Thanks for your time compiling this information. We all appreciate your effort.
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    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    Thank you for your time and effort.
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    Central OH Dual Results

    Pickerington North 40 Gahanna 39 106 Leeseburg (GL) Fall Close (PN) 113 Clark (GL) Fall Schoener (PN) 120 Jalloh (GL) Fall Schmidt (PN) 126 Sanchez (GL) Fall Lipp (PN) 132 Judd (GL) Fall Streblo (PN) 138 Anderson (PN) Fall Foster (GL) 144 Touvell (PN) Fall Kenah (GL) 150 Chukwunyere (PN)...
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    Central OH Dual Results

    Pickerington North VS Westland 106 Fracasso (WL) pin Close (PN) 113 Schoener (PN) pin Phainphanya (WL) 120 Schmidt (PN) pin Gladden (WL) 126 Carney (WL) FF 132 Crosier (WL) Fall Streblo (PN) 138 Anderson (PN) TF Vaughn (WL) 144 Chuckwunyere (PN) maj. dec Olesh (WL) 11-2 150 Touvell (PN)...
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    Ironman - Sleepers to Watch

    I got to see Woodcock last weekend. He is a tough kid. I will be rooting for all of our Central Ohio guys.
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    Big Walnut tournament 12/10

    Pick North was in there as well. I was happy to have the opportunity to bring my team here. I'm sure it will be run extremely well.
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    Big Walnut tournament 12/10

    Teams: Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley, Dayton Dunbar, Dublin Jerome, Granville, Hilliard Darby, Northmor, Olentangy Berlin, Paint Valley, Pickerington North, Watterson, Westerville Central. Big Walnut wrestling was gracious enough to accommodate late team adds due to an issue at Olentangy Berlin...
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    Central OH Dual Results

    Thank you for starting this. We normally have a running record of duals through the year on this site. I don't know if I could kick a dead horse any more, but the wrestling coverage in Central Ohio is TERRIBLE. The only thing we can really count on is Insidethe360.
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    John brown tournament

    Coffman looked great. Disciplined and Loose. They are always well coached.
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    conversation with a big ten parent (not OSU)

    Guys, I'm over here taking notes for when I'm coaching my own children.. This is a great discussion. I appreciate the differing points of view people are putting out here, especially from those who have been through these situations with their own kids. I really don't have much advice to offer...
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    John brown tournament

    I did not know John very well. When I was affiliated with Columbus City Schools, he treated me and my teams with the utmost respect. He was a classy guy. Borofan did a breakdown of the tournament if you are interested in taking a look John Brown Memorial
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    Ohio State University vs Virginia Tech

    157 and 165 are interesting if they both happen. I love Andonian's go for it style.
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    Ohio University wrestle-offs (matches)

    Oscar Sanchez vs Tommy Haskins Haskins OT 133 Gio Disabato vs Paul Woo Disabato MD 141 Kyran Hagan vs Pierce Taylor 149 Hagan Dec Pierce Peyton Kellar vs Garrett Thompson 165 Kellar Dec Thompson OT Jordan Slivka vs Sean O’Dwyer 174 Slivka MD Sal Perrine vs Kamal Adewumi 184...
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    Ohio University wrestle-offs (matches)

    Location: Pickerington North High School 7800 Refugee Road Pickerington Ohio 43147 Time 3:00 PM 125 Oscar Sanchez vs Tommy Haskins 133 Gio Disabato vs Paul Woo 141 Kyran Hagan vs Pierce Taylor 149 Alec Hagan vs Derek Raike 157 Peyton Kellar vs Garrett Thompson 165 Jordan Slivka vs Sean...