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    DI State Semifinal: Whitehouse Anthony Wayne (27-3) vs Pataskala Watkins Memorial (28-1) [6/2] 10:00AM Wow, AW with the big win over undefeated and #4 nationally ranked Holland Springfield for the regional championship. The Generals also have...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment
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    Former Stadiums and Fields

    I got to see a soccer game in there around 2007 between Rossford and Start. The concrete bleachers were condemned, so we had to stand on the sidelines behind the teams. I believe the old press box with the tiger on it was still visible from 475. I took pictures of the Toledo schools for an...
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    Vanlue Football out of BVC per Courier

    I wonder if some of the leagues primarily made up of DVI and DVII schools have talked about going to an 8-man conference as a whole, just to stay together but also to keep going with football.
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    Vanlue Football out of BVC per Courier

    I mentioned on the other thread that I heard their AD was already trying to put together an independent schedule for next year. It's unfortunate that they didn't get a couple of years notice to work on that, but the BVC must've gotten to their limit on the uncertainty of playing them.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I'm hearing that Vanlue's AD is already working on an independent football schedule for next year. What a short-notice kick in the teeth. Don't these kinds of decisions usually give two or so years to unfold so it's not such a disaster to handle? I'd love to see Elmwood come back to the NBC...
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    How good is Glenville?

    It doesn't look like any of Toledo's nine ever did. I'm surprised because I know that Scott, Waite, Libbey, and DeVilbiss had some pretty good teams in the past.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment No, they won't even attempt 8 man. First time in school history they won't have a team per the article.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Hey, I heard that rumor yesterday as well! (From a coach with SBC ties): He talked with someone he knows at L-B and asked what their plan was, and he was told L-B is considering the NBC because apparently Fostoria is looking at the SBC Bay Division as an option. There is also a strong belief...
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    Leagues Return?????

    I know it doesn't technically count since the league exists at half of what it was, but to see the Toledo City League with this lineup again would be fun: Bowsher Central Catholic DeVilbiss Libbey Macomber-Whitney Rogers St. Francis St. John's Jesuit Scott Start Waite Woodward
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I remember at one point a having a conversation (probably based on a speculative comment) about a consolidation of Lake, Northwood, and Rossford. We all agreed the new nickname for that merger should be the "Flying Ranger Dogs". However, with newer buildings in all three districts, I don't see...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    What are the chances that some combination of Elmwood, Van Buren, Liberty-Benton (and/or others) approach the NBC and ask if the two-division setup still sounds appealing?
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I don't have much insight on which schools might be leaning toward 8-man, but with a league already started in NW Ohio and the majority of those smaller schools with numbers issues also in NW Ohio, it could possibly be taking off before our eyes. I know some don't consider it "real" football but...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment Those will be the divisions, along with some changes for basketball (Bellevue in the Lake, Vermilion to the Bay). They posted the...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I don't know if we can copy/paste those kinds of articles, but it mainly says that NB is just going independent for football, staying in the BVC for the rest of their sports teams, and still plans on playing BVC teams. They just feel being a football independent is best for their program right...