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    Too Many Teams in the Playoffs?

    Yes, it is ridiculous to have that many teams in the playoffs. 16 games to win a state championship increases the chances of injuries along with the fact that teams with losing records have no business in the playoffs. This was done to make more $$$ without regard to the athletes. 14 games were...
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    D II State Semi-Final: Massillon (12-1) vs Archbishop Hoban (13-1)

    Thanks for NOTHING Spectrum Cable.
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    McKinley vs Massillon

    I believe that may coincide with the fact that McKinley 's program is not as good as it once was for a variety of issues and has not been competitive with Massillon for years now. They did scheduled some good opponents for their first 3 games but lost all 3 of them. I have been a McKinley fan...
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    McKinley vs Massillon

    Pathetic that Spectrum didn't cover this game live as they have every other year. After all it is the longest high school football rivalry in the Nation. Folks that were unable to attend would have appreciated it. Showing it at 6:00 is BS!
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    Has Canton McKinley ever had a 0 - 10 season ??

    No, but they are in the danger zone now.
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    2022 Canton McKinley Football Season

    0 and 4. A losing season is a good probability.
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    2022 Canton McKinley Football Season

    No other HS teams are kneeling and it brings negative attention to a Football Program that has been in a freefall for years now. The coaching is questionable but McKinley hasn't had a good coach since Cross. At some point the players need to accept responsibility for the losses also. This...
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    Friday Finals (9/2/22)

    The last coach of McKinley that had success was Cross. The program has been in a free fall ever since. The McKinley vs Massillon Game has lost a lot of it's significance as the Pups seem unable to compete with their program any more. It is very sad considering it was the longest and most...
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    Week 2: Austintown Fitch (1-0) vs Canton McKinley (0-1)

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    Week 2: Austintown Fitch (1-0) vs Canton McKinley (0-1)

    Sounds like a pathetic performance by a once great program.
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    2022 Canton McKinley Football Season

    4 home games?! This is a new low!
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    Division II State Semifinal: Winton Woods (11-3) vs Uniontown Green (11-3)

    I watched the game and know what I saw. Check out time of possession and total yardage. Lol.
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    Division II State Semifinal: Winton Woods (11-3) vs Uniontown Green (11-3)

    First, I would like to congratulate Green for a wonderful season. Hold your heads high. 2nd, I have never seen a team get deep into the red zone on 5 occasions and come away with out any points. Green had the better team but the best teams don't always win. Winton Woods should send Green a Thank...
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    Region 7 Championship: #4 Massillon vs #7 Green

    No doubt about it.:stirthepot::stirthepot::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: Green vs Hoover

    Some of the play calling by Hoover offensive coaches was poor like going for it on a 4th and 3 instead of kicking the FG with the best kicker in the state after using almost 8 minutes in that drive. Coach Baum stated he was leary because Green blocked a 50+ yard attempt at the end of the 1st...
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    Canton McKinley VS St. Edward

    3 interceptions and 21 yards rushing in the 1st half. That and dead ball penalties are sad to say the least. I am not surprised at all. The last winning coach we had was Coach Cross and that was a long time ago. The last really good QB we had was in 1997 - 1998, Thom McDaniel 's son.
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    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: McKinley vs Jackson

    Congratulations McK on beating Jackson for the 15th time in a row. No one expected that score. Good luck next week.
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    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: Green vs Hoover

    Congratulations to Green on their victory and to Hoover on their season. That said, time management skills at the end of the 1st half cost Hoover. Hoover's 1st time consuming drive in the 2nd half and coming away with no points was a turning point. Kick the FG and at least get 3 points. Putting...