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    Who wins D1?

    Is Brian going to be right? Hoban the best in the state?
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    Saturday Updates 3/18 (Semifinals)

    Why does Reghi keep saying Hoban football state champions? They have lost 2 years in a row.
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    More impressive all time records at 2022 state meet?

    Lane was only a junior too, right? Wonder if he could improve to 10.teens?
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    More impressive all time records at 2022 state meet?

    Nick Plant in the 800 or Troy Lane in the 100?
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    Northeast Ohio vs. America Showcase

    To compare apples to apples with ohio, what is their male enrollment 9-11?
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    2023 St. Edward Football

    Merry Christmas to all Ed's followers. I admire your team's program from afar (I'm in the akron area). What are your plans to replace your 2 defensive studs?
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    Division I State Championship: St. Edward (14-1) vs Springfield (13-1)

    Riverboy is just having nightmares of St Edward sacking his hired gun, transfer quarterback again.
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    Brian you gotta put Wadsworth in the mix too. Callaghan scored 45 points in a non-league game against Brunswick last night.
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    Division I State Championship: St. Edward (14-1) vs Springfield (13-1)

    Riverboy, you hit the big time. Over 1,000 replies in this thread.
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Mentor (9-3)

    St Edward has some serious field goal issues the past 2 weeks. Might be a problem if they move on.
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    Friday Updates (11/18/22)

    St Edward 7 Mentor 0
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    Region 2 Championship: Springfield (11-1) vs. Olentangy Liberty (8-5)

    Spectrum sports. Up here in NE Ohio, it's channel 314 where as normal spectrum channel is 1.
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    competitive balance

    Why is Marion Local's Competitive balance number only 5? Maybe I don't understand it.
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    Friday Finals (11/04/22)

    Medina 49 Wadsworth 35
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Medina 35 Wadsworth 35 early 4th quarter
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    Friday Updates (11/04/22)

    Medina 21 Wadsworth 14 late 2nd quarter
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    Wow I was wrong on this one. Walsh can score on anyone.
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    I like SVSM in this match up. I like the way their defense has been playing lately.
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    Friday Updates (9/9/22)

    Wadsworth 56-0 over Brecksville final
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    Friday Updates (9/2/22)

    Last I saw, 42-21 Medina