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    Coaching Openings

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    An Honest Conversation About the Tournament

    St. John's is not a good option. I was there a few years ago when they hosted the state team wrestling championships. The seats are way to small and there is virtually no leg room. The building is definitely outdated and well past it's prime.
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    Favorite Ohio High School Field to Watch a Game?

    The OHSAA sent out a memo to all schools this winter asking schools if they had turf fields and if they would be willing to host tourney games. Firestone Stadium is all turf and they want to play as many games on turf as possible in softball tourneys now. Mason putting in a turf infield will...
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    CHL 2022-2023

    It got real quiet tonight.
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    CHL 2022-2023

    Taylor only beat New Richmond by 2. My guess is this one will be ugly.
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    UC Bearcats

    I agree about him not being all-in. One of the Madison papers reported that he interviewed on Saturday, November 12 at 7:30 a.m. This was the morning after UC played East Carolina on a Friday night. This was obviously set up so he could secretly interview. Reporters and fans would still be...
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    Ohio State Recruiting

    They can hang that championship recruiting banner right next to Massilon's state champs banners.
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    Week 7: Clinton Massie (2-4) vs Western Brown (5-1)

    50-28. Watching on NFHS network. Camera is on the Massie side. Parents not handling the game very well.
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    Columbus Teachers Strike

    Teachers retirement should be better. Most people pay 6.2% to Social Security. Teachers pay 14% to STRS. If they are paying more than double the average person into the system, they should have a better retirement plan.
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    Would you like a travel ball tournament with 7 inning games?

    I get sick of watching teams having long huddles between innings, every player stepping out after each pitch and taking numerous practice swings, players walking on and off the field every inning, then the coach complains about a 75 minute time limit. In 75 minutes, you should be able to play...
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    CHL 2022 season PREVIEW

    How did Madeira do last week against Western Brown?
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    Tim's top 20 in Cincinnati

    2144 Ferguson Road, Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Taylor’s 1,3 and 4 hitters are pretty good. The rest of the lineup is pretty limited. Their pitching is also good. The CHL has never been a softball powerhouse. Any decent team would run rule the rest of the league. Taylor could win a sectional and maybe a district title because Cincy D2 is not...
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    IUDOGS: 2021- 2022 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    Williamsburg has hired Nick Ayers. West Clermont is now open.
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    Western Brown @ Clinton-Massie SBAAC Title Game

    I would disagree with that. If it was limited to the first drive, that tells me that the coaches rip some butt after that drive and it stopped.
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    A Trip to Washington D.C.?

    If you want to see any of the Smithsonian museums, you need a time entry ticket. Check the website for each one. Not all of them are open yet and the ones that are have limited tickets and hours. I second staying at the Holiday Inn on Eisenhower Ave. There is a Metro stop(the D.C. subway)...
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    Saturday Scores (5/29)

    Who got called for an illegal pitch?