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    A Look At OHSAA Failed Referendum Item 1B

    Is there a way to see how each member voted? I would be willing to bet the split between yes and no lies somewhere between D3/D4 and the lower divisions. It’s unlikely you would hear a peep from a MVL fan base if the kid scoring the game winning TD for Sidney attends school at Fairlawn. The...
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    Ohio is behind in high school football

    Orthopedic surgeons are the group that will benefit the most in the future from the poor decisions being made today by adults.
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    Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) 2023

    CBC Enrollments FY’23 Source: ODE Senior classes, as might be expected, are the smallest classes in many districts. I have included kindergarten and an enrollment range for each district with the exception of KR. Kenton Trail Bellefontaine Kindergarten:173 Range: 153-206 London K:164 Range...
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    MVL 2022

    While on the subject of Fairborn, does anyone know when their new high school opens? It’s an impressive looking structure when driving by. I assume there is a stadium being built on the north side of the campus, correct? This project has the potential to be an enormous difference maker for their...
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    2023 Centerville Football

    Who would be on the receiving end of this letter? In my evaluation, there isn’t a single MVL QB who I would risk my coaching career to bring in through a transfer or move in.
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    Pro Development Institute to open at former Urbana University campus

    I agree with the part about the campus not being in utter disrepair when Franklin left it. The condition of Grimes Center, more than any other facility, gave off a bad vibe to potential students. I’d say close to half of the facilities on campus have been built or remodeled in the last two...
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    Move the Boys Basketball back to St. Johns Arena

    This is 100% factual. UD has invested money into their arena, whereas the Nutter Center is a tired looking facility. The last time I was there some of the advertising panels were of defunct companies and radio stations. I don’t foresee an extensive renovation either with the financial hurdles...
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    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    We are probably not too far from a system similar to hockey where the best players don’t compete in OHSAA. I’ve been rink side to watch high school club and school hockey practices and the difference in speed and skill is enormous in many cases. Olentangy Liberty had a kid absolutely dominate...
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    Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) 2023

    Do the students living in the older developments near New California attend Alder, Jerome or a combination of the two? Specifically, the development(s) across from Pioneer Crossing.
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    State Championships at UD

    The majority of the teams in my area have dealt with this same scenario for decades. A great season often ends with a loss to Taft, Dunbar, Alter, CJ or similar program. It is what it is. Successful programs recruit themselves and the modern day athletes are the best recruiters. They hit each...
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    State Championships at UD

    There might actually be some validity to this claim. There was a 6’10 kid, who moved to an Arizona prep school after coming through a private school system (Gilmour?) prior to high school. His name escapes me, but I know his father played at Kent State. If it’s who I think it is, my kid played...
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    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    For what it’s worth, a quick look at Joe Eitel shows Richmond Heights football program competed in D6 in 2003 when D6 was lowest division.
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    Who wins D4?

    It’s entirely possible for a community of 10K to find themselves in D3/D4 without trying. Many urban, and an increasingly large number of rural communities, have residents that have raised their kids and remain in their homes. Without available housing, a community is not inviting to younger...
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    JV Team a Dying Tradition ?

    He owns a printing business close to the post office. He and his wife settled in the area in the early eighties. The Delaware border and Mendenhall Inn(?) are close to his home. I got the impression pro sports and country club sports take top billing. According to him, Penn State football...
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    JV Team a Dying Tradition ?

    My uncle owns a small business in Kenneth Square and lives in Chadds Ford. High school sports are afterthought in that area. His kids played lacrosse and hockey, as they were seen as a safer alternative to football. I imagine lacrosse makes fielding a single baseball team a monumental task.
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    OSU Offers Sam Williams -Dixon

    I’m willing to bet the esteemed universities recruiting him were telling him to consider a move to a larger school in order to play a more difficult schedule. The list of demands college recruiters put out there is long and only growing. They want kids to take on more responsibility on their end...
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    OHSAA does not allow kids to play 7on7

    From what I’ve seen on social media these tournaments seem legit. Kids playing in wrestling singlets while wearing Halloween masks and ski goggles adds a new level of ridiculousness to youth sports. Every video I’ve seen makes these tournaments appear to be a advertisement for a mouthpiece or...
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    Ohio Heritage Conference 2023

    Greenon has always struck me as a soccer centric community. A good number of their better athletes have played soccer. The 1994 boys team made the final four. Many decades ago, we took the field there for football pregame with soccer nets still attached to the combo FG posts/goals. They were...
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    Ohio and surrounding states need to do better

    Many of the previously stated reasons for a talent slide in Ohio are real. The school district my kids attended had graduating classes north of 200 students a decade ago. I was told the average class in the lower grades is now closer to 150. So population loss in rural areas is a real thing...
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    Bishop Gorman vs Chaminade Madonna

    Looks like Gorman hasn’t played in close to a month leading up to this glorified exhibition game. Count me as one not fond of making kids grind for a few more weeks so ESPN can provide content on a second tier channel.