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  1. DonnieDarko

    NCAA Wrestling Tournament on ESPN

    You can also get a free trial of Youtube TV and then get access through the ESPN app to choose which stream you want. I have ESPN+ but it didn't let me access NCAAs without a cable login.
  2. DonnieDarko

    What has happened to the State Tournament

    The best thing out of this thread is that some of you feel what 50k OSU students feel every day: CampusParc sucks.
  3. DonnieDarko

    Colin Palmer coach of the year

    Right now. Both programs are still pretty early in their rebirths. SPG will definitely lose some Central Ohio recruits at some point. Watterson and DeSales will provide a much higher level education in the classroom and that's also just speaking facts. That will matter to some parents making the...
  4. DonnieDarko

    Streaming State??

    It's super cool how NFHS makes you watch a commercial for NFHS every time you switch mats, even after paying NFHS for the stream. Nothing can happen in 20 seconds in wrestling, right?
  5. DonnieDarko

    No Stage for state finals

    Here is the policy for you to review.
  6. DonnieDarko

    No Stage for state finals

    Yes, who do we contact to show our support? Let's go down to one division. Why are we giving out extra participation trophies? Three champions per weight in an individual sport? That's more nonsensical than two bronze medals in the Olympics. It's only done so OHSAA can make more money but I...
  7. DonnieDarko

    OHSAA Wrestling State Tournament Tickets Now on Sale

    I guess you've never watched World Team/Olympic trials?
  8. DonnieDarko

    OSU / PSU

    You are in luck. You will definitely need a palate cleanser after having to look at those yucky females. Club Columbus is just your place. It is a short drive from the match and is a mens only private club. Stop by the BK5 next door for dinner first.
  9. DonnieDarko

    OSU vs Penn State 6 tix sec 2

    Tickets didn't sell out super fast. Anyone could have gotten $20 tickets when they went on sale if it was important to them. Scalping can allow that dad who can afford two $40-50 tickets to actually purchase four to five $20 tickets since there is little to no risk for not being able to resell...
  10. DonnieDarko

    OSU vs Penn State 6 tix sec 2

    $15-20 depending on if it was a season ticket or single ticket purchase.
  11. DonnieDarko

    Central District All Star Meet

    The secret is, come to Dublin Jerome High School on Saturday at about 4:45.
  12. DonnieDarko

    OSU Single Match Tickets

    I wouldn't bother looking until after a more specific schedule with times (and location maybe for this match) is released.
  13. DonnieDarko

    2022 OAC JH State Placers and Possible High Schools

    The list is out of 872 schools. They’re in the bottom half of Ohio and bottom third of the country. It is what it is.
  14. DonnieDarko

    2022 OAC JH State Placers and Possible High Schools

    #4 is the reason Graham kind of deserves getting shht talked though, because it’s one of the worst school districts in not only Ohio, but the entire country.
  15. DonnieDarko

    OHSAA adds Girls Wrestling as Emerging Sport for 2022-23

    Because recent history has shown us nothing is for sure. Holiday tournaments were just canceled and now there will likely be no rules or restrictions at the state tournament. Who knows what next year will be. On top of that it’s a brand new division and there are bound to be lots of potential...
  16. DonnieDarko

    OHSAA adds Girls Wrestling as Emerging Sport for 2022-23

    I wouldn’t trust anyone that says something about next season, and especially two post seasons from now, is for sure.
  17. DonnieDarko

    MIT cancelled

    I am 100% sure the Medina County Health Department, who the school district worked with, thought about this.
  18. DonnieDarko

    Covid 2021

    Quarantine rules for all schools are set by the Ohio Department of Health.
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    I’m still not sure which type of bear you guys are talking about…
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    State Tournament Location

    Yeah, I noticed the DST and made what I thought was a little funny post mentioning it and no one even cared enough to say it was dumb ?. I’ll be surprised if no one shows up late...