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  1. KingHiggy513

    CHL Basketball 22-23

    Mariemont at IH tonight. I think Indian Hill runs away with it, they finally figured out their starting line up and have too much size for Stewart and the rest of Mariemont to beat them. Wyoming and their young guys beat Reading with ease. Taylor definitely beats DP. Madeira/ Finneytown should...
  2. KingHiggy513

    CHL Basketball 22-23

    As a Madeira fan, I agree that DP’s recruiting scandal should be frowned upon. HOWEVER, it is unnecessary and disrespectful to degrade any other CHL league teams. That is terrible that people are degrading our league in this chat. I encourage you all to reconsider your comments and respect the...
  3. KingHiggy513

    CHL Baseball 2023

    Have been seeing other cincy conferences with threads popping up for the season. What are we thinking for CHL ball this upcoming season?
  4. KingHiggy513

    Objective, not subjective. Play Ball.

    Objective, not subjective. Play Ball.
  5. KingHiggy513

    CHL Basketball 22-23

    I’m just speaking on what I hear. I ran into a Madeira coach earlier in the week and we spoke briefly about CHL hoops. Like I said, IH has talent, younger talent, but for now, this is the Mustangs league.
  6. KingHiggy513

    CHL Basketball 22-23

    I’m hearing IH played well in Florida, but that the competition wasn’t anything special. They are a younger team, but for now, I think the Mustangs have the conference to win for themselves. Finally Madeira has another team that can compete deep into the postseason.
  7. KingHiggy513

    CHL league preview 21/22

    Not a scandal per say, but CHL parents aren’t happy with it based on the fact that Madeira just gained serious talent from kids who weren’t raised in the district. An assistant coach resigned I hear and he was the head coach’s go-to-guy, causing some issues with the head coach’s commitment to...
  8. KingHiggy513

    CHL league preview 21/22

    I hear there is a Kravaak kid, cousin of the Madeira boys moving into the district. The kid has mid major looks already heading into his Junior year. The CHL could look a lot different with him in the league. The coaching staff had some off season issues I head, so we’ll see what happens. More...
  9. KingHiggy513

    CHL Football 2021

    Agree with your picks except for Madeira/DP. I think DP wins that game. Madeira hasn’t been good in 5 years and they turn the ball over way too much. DP has athletes and finally gets it figured out this week.