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    Are you a true West Sider??

    We drove by tonight also and decided to wait awhile until the initial crowds go down. Since it is the only Roy's open in the area so far you may get people coming from all over initially. I saw that Patrick's (which is around the corner from Skyline/Roy's on 128) has now become a Mexican...
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    2022 Girls Soccer State Tournament Pairings

    Here's a video of a game they played against Lincoln a couple of months ago:
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    Playoffs Round 2: Elder (9-2) vs. Milford (9-2)

    Both Mason and Fairfield stadiums are about 32-34 minutes from Elder. Hamilton's stadium is about 44 minutes away. Be thankful Elder has advanced to the next round and don't lament the venue! The Elder "faithful" are just that-----they won't whine about where the event is held they will...
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    Week 5: Elder(3-1) vs. Louisville St. Xavier(KY)(4-0)

    The St. X and Moeller games the next two Friday's should give us a better idea of whether this Panther team is a state championship caliber squad. How they have fared in their previous 5 games has certainly been encouraging but, to win a championship, you must have consistencey. As mentioned...
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    Read somewhere recently where this will be come a Burlington Coat Factory story. I believe that it is now just called Burlington.
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    Tommy Kraemer

    On a side note, it appears that Tommy got married this summer!
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    I believe that the new parking lot is in response to increased enrollment (incoming freshman class around 200). In addition to 90-100 new parking spaces I believe that they will be adding a handicapped entrance to the main floor of their auditorium. The building is already handicap accessible...
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    Elder Alumni Yard Signs

    The oldest grad sign that I've seen is the Class of '61 (of which I saw 2 or 3). Has anyone seen signs for any older grads that that? Definitely cool to drive around the westside and see the signs. I especially liked the father/son signs in multiple yards.
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    Are you a true West Sider??

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    Elder Football 1972?

    One of the greatest if not THE greatest high school football defenses I have witnessed! If I can recall the St. X game was played in the rain/mud and neither team could get much going. I also seem to remember that this was the first year computer rankings were used to qualify for the playoffs...
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    St. I's would be a perfect place for Fr. Mark Burger to land if he was willing to make the commitment.
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    You don't want to take on too many students in one class when future classes may be smaller. It may create a staffing issue where you need to hire extra staff for one grade only to have to let them go within a few years. Capping enrollment makes sense. It was mentioned that Moeller has done...
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    The operators of the Anderson Ferry are licking their chop$!
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    Thanks for posting, Phil. It is interesting how some "families" kept their core (SW-4 and SW-3 somewhat) while others were totally redone (SW-1).
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    A few other things that I have heard through the "rumor mill" which have not been substantiated. Perhaps those who attend mass this weekend can verify if these are correct: The new pastor for Antoninus-Lourdes-Martin-Catherine-Al's Bridgetown has some connection to the west side, perhaps...
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    An exerpt from the letter from Fr. Mark, current Visi pastor, to his parishioners from this week's bulletin:
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    This weekend priests are allowed to announce the leadership for the newly formed "families of parishes". On Monday February 14th beginning at noon assignments for all families of parishes will be posted on the Archdiocese's Beacons of Light website. Below is what I am aware of so far. I...
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    2021-2022 Elder Basketball

    You can check me on this but, as I recall, both the '73 and '74 state championship teams placed 2nd in the GCL. I believe that both of those years LaSalle placed first.
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    I'm not sure exactly the age limit for priests who are "assigned". If anyone knows can you pass that on? I am thinking that priests 70 or older would NOT be assigned yet still be available to celebrate mass. Example, Chet the Jet won't be assigned to a parish but will still be able to...
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    Beacons of light and closing/consolidating of parishes

    Below is the final list of families of parishes. This will be released on the Archdiocesan website tomorrow. The number to the right is the number of priests to be assigned to that particular family. Recall that priests will be able to say a maximum of 3 masses/weekend: SW1 Our Lady of...