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    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    There was about a 2 quarter stretch in the middle of the game where Richmond Heights outscored their opponent 50-6. Dorian Jones is so good. He really reminds me of Bradley Beal.
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    Buchtel vs Lutheran West Updates 3/18 (DII Championship)

    It certainly looked like #21 from Buchtel got his feet in there. There was also some contact on the body on a reach. I like the no-call, but in fairness you can't swallow the whistle on that play immediately after refusing to swallow the whistle on Buchtel's side of the court.
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    Buchtel vs Lutheran West Updates 3/18 (DII Championship)

    There needs to be a shot clock in high school basketball. You just can't have a game where one team holds the ball for the last 25% of the 4th quarter.
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    Buchtel vs Lutheran West Updates 3/18 (DII Championship)

    That ending is about as bad as it could have been. 1. Buchtel holds the ball for over 2 minutes 2. What seemed like a dozen timeouts were called 3. The officials bail Buchtel out with a touch call 4. Officials swallow the whistle at the other end with 1 second left Just bad. It was a really...
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    No State Finals attendance thread?

    I always thought the playoffs should rotate between Canton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. With that being said, the attendance will always be lower now that the games are on TV and streaming. Many people will save money by staying at home.
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    How good is Glenville?

    Brookhaven won in 2004. I think that is it.
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    How good is Glenville?

    One of the best D4 teams in Ohio history. Do they move up to D3 or D2 next year? It wouldn’t surprise me if they get a few food players from Benedictine.
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    Division IV State Championship: Glenville (14-0) vs Wyoming (15-0)

    I wish this thread would be more about the game and less about moving Glenville up to D2. Glenville has been the best team in D4 since they beat STVM 25-0 in week 1. Can Wyoming pass? A passing attack with a competent QB is an equalizer in HS. Glenville is too fast on defense for any D4 team...
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    Mahoning Valley 3 Possible Champions

    It has been 22 years since a Mahoning Valley public school has won a state title. I think they have a good chance to win 2 of them on Friday. Good luck to all 3 teams.
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    Division III State Semifinal: Region 10 #1 Holy Name Green Wave (11-2) vs Region 9 #2 Canfield Cardinals (12-1) at Euclid Community Stadium

    I have been to a few games at Euclid and never had a problem. I am actually surprised there were metal detectors. I think they used them for only 1 of the games i have been to. As for parking--what is the problem with the lot outside of the stadium? There seemed to be enough space, the lot is...
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Jefferson Area (11-3) vs Glenville (13-0) @ Perry Perry. “Hoosiers”. In real life.

    Let's talk about the game.. This is just a really tough matchup for Jefferson. It is tough to consistently run on Glenville. They are really fast and physical. Is the Jefferson OL up for the challenge? They will need to be because Glenville will put up points. I don't believe they punted once...
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    West Branch (12-1) vs. Jefferson (10-3) for D4 Region 13 title

    Glenville does not have 3 linemen headed to Alabama. It doesn’t look like they have one committed to the Tide. Glenville does have a massive OL and plenty of talent all over the field.
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    West Branch (12-1) vs. Jefferson (10-3) for D4 Region 13 title

    Very impressive win for Jefferson. Enjoy the heck out of this game, your team earned it.
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    Division III State Semifinal: Region 10 #1 Holy Name Green Wave (11-2) vs Region 9 #2 Canfield Cardinals (12-1) at Euclid Community Stadium

    There is nothing wrong with Euclid. The stadium is fantastic. You are right on top of the field. Good luck to Canfield. I am really surprised they won Region 9, but they are playing some really good football right now.
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    Region 5 Championship: Hoban v. Hudson

    Hoban's OL was so much bigger than Hudson's DL. They swallowed them up. It was just 4 yards here, 6 yards there, etc. Hudson really had no chance. Hoban just doesn't lose these type of games. They have lost to only 4 teams in Ohio over the last 7 years--Ignatius, Eds, Massillon (once--in an...
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    Division V Semifinal: R17 South Range (14-0) vs R18 Liberty Center (14-0) at Clyde

    Good luck to South Range. Blowing out a pretty good Perry team is impressive.
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    D II State Semi-Final: Massillon (12-1) vs Archbishop Hoban (13-1)

    Can Massillon pass? If so, I think they can win. If not, Hoban wins. I know nothing about Massillon but they did beat St. Eds and Eds is the probably the best team in Ohio so they clearly have a chance. It sounds like it will be a low scoring game so I will take Hoban 24-16.
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    Week 14: Division III Region 9 Final #1 Chardon Hilltoppers (11-1) vs #2 Canfield Cardinals (11-1)

    Will this be the game that is tape delayed by WKBN?
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    Region 5 Championship: Hoban v. Hudson

    That stinks. Twinsburg isn’t a great place to see a game and it is a nightmare trying to get out of there.
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    Saturday Updates (11/12/22)

    Just ignore it, guy. Simkon is fine.