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    Week 15 | Division VI State Semifinal: AP #6 Fort Frye (13-1) vs. AP #2 Kirtland (14-0)

    Kirtland is definitely favored in this game. Our kids will play hard and hopefully we can get a few breaks. Injuries have piled up and makes a very tough game even tougher. Here's hoping for a good game and safe ending for both teams
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    Fort frye @ bellaire

    Should be a great game. 2 good teams. Could be a regional final preview
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    Friday Night Finals (8/19/22)

    Fort frye 33 John Glenn 6
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    Region 23 Final : West Jefferson vs Fort Frye

    Politics and parents play too big a role in Marietta athletics as well. If you're a coach you better have friends in the right place and not be too discipline oriented. Marietta is a name game nowadays
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    Region 23 Final : West Jefferson vs Fort Frye

    I guess my first question is when did you live in Marietta? Reason I'm asking is because since the mid 80s Marietta athletics haven't been good. Most of our players parents are grads of either ff or Waterford with a sprinkling of Warren, Morgan and Marietta. Both ff and Waterford can probably...
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    Coaches In the Building??

    At fort frye our head coach and d coordinator are both teachers. On the boys side, every sport has the hc teaching in the district. Pretty sure the same for girls. Very rare for a head coach not to be a teacher in our district
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    West jefferson@ I Mechanicsburg

    Lol, I'll take that bet.
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    Wk 7: Fort Frye (6-0) vs Lima Central

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    Wk 7: Fort Frye (6-0) vs Lima Central

    Hopefully for fairland's sake they are way better than last year. Ff game last year was not pretty and not competitive
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    Wk 7: Fort Frye (6-0) vs Lima Central

    Totally agree region 23 is very weak. West jefferson made it alot better. I am not emotional like kapunk therefore I am able to have adult type conversations
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    Wk 7: Fort Frye (6-0) vs Lima Central

    Let me take a crack at this. Mogadore pulled out a final minutes miracle and Springfield did hold in their red zone twice. That is for sure. But you act as if they housed us. Anyone who watched those games would've said either team coulda shoulda won that game. As for saying they won which...
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    Fort Frye (5-0) @ Trimble (3-1)

    Without one of it's best players. You need to watch more film, owen isn't our best player
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    Outraged teams not coming out for the national anthem

    Our team has came out after the anthem for years. Band forms a tunnel and team comes out. Every second pregame is used to the fullest. Nothing political about it
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    Watch the game film. It will solve all your questions. Not insecure at all, we have the better team and program than st henry at this time in history. People rant about officiating all the time, yet can't/won't give specifics. It's my fault for not ignoring that type of drivel. Like i said, I'm...
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    Whateve it is/was, our 2nd teamers did a nice job in the 4th q keeping st henry from scoring
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    So you still are talking about that td being called back. You realize that is a penalty don't you? Your coach said as much in his interview with press pros. Give some specific examples of these egregious errors please. Ff has gone many games home and away without getting more than 1 penalty...
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    Or 3, some are more inclined to get cramps. We've had certain players cramping each game during the heat. Do you actually think they're not being made/asked to carry around gallon jugs of water to hydrate days before games? Or that we just stand around during practice? The heat along the river...
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    I thought it was 40 or 41
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    Wk 2: St Henry (1-0)@ Fort Frye (1-0)

    If you want to address something, ask why your best runner didn't get the ball on the 4th q goal line play when half of our defense was made up of jv players. Just be happy you played ff in the first 4 games of the season and not the last 4. Cramping has been an on-going issue for years for...