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    Looking for girls tournaments

    This is a high school tourney. Next year we plan to expand to JH, and possibly host a girl's youth tournament the next day.
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    Looking for girls tournaments

    Feb 4th Toledo Start is hosting, you can send an email to for more information. We have some pretty cool awards for first place, and a great hospitality room.
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    Looking for girl tournaments to get a couple girls in

    Feb 4th Toledo Start is hosting, you can send an email to for more information. We have some pretty cool awards for first place, and a great hospitality room.
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    Officials needed

    Toledo Start High School is looking for a few officials for its annual JV/ Varsity B tournament that will be held on Jan 14th this year. The tournament starts at 10 am in the past we have been done by about 4 or 5. The hospitality room is always catered and stocked with great food from all...
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    Centerville girls looking for matches

    Toledo Start is hosting a Girls' tournament on Feb 4th. Please email for more information. We are also working with some of the local hotels to get discounted rates for any teams that are traveling.
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    History Help!

    I know before the current format, a sectional could have sent anywhere between 3-5 guys to the district tournament. It was all based off of the strength of the sectional tournament.
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    Middle Schools Teams are needed for the Jacob Andrews Memorial Invite 1.7.2023

    Toledo Start JH team might be interested. We have about 4 returning and so far looks like a decent amount of new wrestlers. can you send additional information to
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    Looking for JH tournaments

    Toledo Start's JR high team is looking for tournaments. We have about 4/5 returners from last year and hopefully a handful of new wrestlers. we are willing to travel a little bit if need be. Please send any information to Unavailable dates December 30th All...
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    Female Tournament in Toledo, OH Feb 4th

    Roy C. Start High School in Toledo, Ohio will be hosting a HS Girls tournament on Feb. 4th, 2023. We are working on securing teams from Michigan, Indiana, and, Ohio. The tournament will be ran on 3-4 mats depending on need, using TrackWrestling at the tables. We have reached out to hotels...
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    State Tournament Experience

    I got scared that the attendance records were going to keep getting broken all weekend and they would make sure to keep it Friday- Sunday. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to have finals on the Sunday after moving the clocks is the worst. Getting home after midnight and having to be up...
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    Saturday/Sunday District

    Right, I agree. Hopefully they can figure something else out. Maybe give the kids an early dismissal or something. The new gym they have is awesome, not a bad seat in the house and a nice big video board. It would suck to lose it, if coaches aren’t happy about the Saturday Sunday tournament.
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    Saturday/Sunday District

    Wouldn't that actually be an advantage to the Rossford district then? If a coach looks up all of the other district brackets Saturday night and sees the placements from those districts. I am not for throwing a match, but could see coaches having kids drop a match on purpose. If you know your...
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    Saturday/Sunday District

    I believe It's mainly due to parking on Friday. Which do you want a day of recovery or a day to prep? And Waite a D1 school used to host that district for a very long time, and it was also held at Owens CC for a little bit too who obviously isn't a HS and doesn't even have wrestling. Host...
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    Looking for event on 2-19

    This is probably a long shot, but due to this past weekend's weather and our league tournament being moved to a weekday. We have some freed-up points and are available that weekend. Wasn't sure if there are any tournaments going on with room for one more team. I know this weekend is typically...
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    NWO JH team looking for tournaments