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  1. Irish60

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    Enrollment has to be a metric in making up divisions unless you want OHSAA to use different metrics for different sports; which I cannot see them doing! For football especially, you really have to take the size of the school into account. Otherwise, I think you can even the field a bit by...
  2. Irish60

    Hoban vs Pickerington Central Updates 3/18 (DI Championship)

    Good defense will make an offense play out of synch. Hoban's defense was consistently impressive all tournament. Congrats to the Knights. A well- earned title. They took out 2 of the 3 top ranked teams along the way.
  3. Irish60

    Who wins D4?

    New Concord John Glenn
  4. Irish60

    Akron City Series Basketball 2022-2023

    If you think about it, we've had like one snow day so far this year... So there's got to be some wiggle room in the school calendar that would free up the kids to go to the game.
  5. Irish60

    Who wins D1?

    My God, you are touchy! Also, he never said he was or wasn't rooting for Hoban. He merely stated that in his opinion (an opinion pretty widely held, btw) is that the 2 best teams left standing are Centerville and Pick Central. In fact, they are very likely the 2 best teams in the State, period...
  6. Irish60

    St. Ignatius basketball 2022 - 2023

    For what it's worth, let me compare the arc of Cam's career to that of his father's. When Dru started at STVM he won a state title with LeBron, but who wouldn't have!?! If you look at the Irish teams after LeBron and company graduated there were a number of years where they had championship...
  7. Irish60

    STVM 2022-2023

    You mean like Hoban did a few years back?
  8. Irish60

    Akron City Series Basketball 2022-2023

    Buchtel does not have a generational player like Livingston this year, but do not undervalue the talent level of that team. Khoi Thurman, Marcel Boyce and Amire Robinson are VERY good! Maxwell has taken a big jump this year, too. They are deep and they play hard. They will be a very tough out...
  9. Irish60

    Who wins D2?

    I want to say Buchtel, too; but I'm thinking Lutheran West.
  10. Irish60

    STVM 2022-2023

    Here's a nice article about how much LeBron looked up to Robinson as a youth and it touches on the impact that his accident had on the Akron basketball community.
  11. Irish60

    Ok so what’s up with the Airline threads?

    I'm thinking the Massillon-McKinley posters should take their conversation to one of these airline threads. The bots would get so overworked they might burn out and go away...
  12. Irish60

    STVM 2022-2023

    Yes he Was! It is such a shame he got hurt in that car crash. He hadn't been setting the Big 10 on fire, but he was poised to see if he could take that next big step until life dealt him a hard blow!
  13. Irish60

    STVM 2022-2023

    A frustrating end to an uneven season. The Irish were very good, sometimes great, this season. But they were also maddeningly inconsistent. I thought they could have gone a couple more rounds, but I couldn't see them getting past St. Ed's. But at the end of the day, you have to tip your cap to...
  14. Irish60

    Under-the-radar players

    We all have a general idea of the leading candidates for Player of the Year. Whether it is Cupps from Centerville or one of the youngsters, Darryn Peterson or Jerry Easter, or one of the other top candidates, the pool is pretty well known. But who would be some of the players who are flying...
  15. Irish60

    Saturday Updates 2/25 (2022-23 Nightly Updates)

    Jonas Nichols is one of the most under-the-radar players in the area. He is REALLY good!
  16. Irish60

    Saturday Finals 2/25

    Or Hoban basketball a few years back...
  17. Irish60

    Richmond Heights Post Season Option

    If this is your idea of discrimination, then you are leading a charmed life! :)
  18. Irish60

    STVM 2022-2023

    If I am looking at the brackets correctly, then in order to get to the State title game, it looks like the Irish could conceivably end up playing Walsh, Stow, St. Edward and St. Ignatius in a row; all teams that have beaten them this year! They are fully capable of doing it, but that is one...
  19. Irish60

    Richmond Heights Post Season Option

    That's not a fair way to look at it. People who don't have kids still pay property taxes that go to schools. Also, people who rent do not pay property taxes and still can send their kids to the public school where they live. But you are right that property owners who send their kids to public...