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    OSU / PSU

    And it was a very loud chant. Hate to say it but it was impressive
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    OSU / PSU

    My bad, any weight Issac. The Wilcox kid who has wrestled at 3 different weight classes
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    OSU / PSU

    Well it won’t be any weight Joe. On crutches last night. Kid busts his every time I’ve seen him wrestle.
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    Buckeyes / Hoosiers 1-6-23

    Has there been an official announcement on Carson? Injured, done for the year or is mums the word?
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    Marion Harding Winter Wrestling Classic (12/28&29)

    Man I wrestled Kyle Mayse in that tournament back to back years. 30 seconds I’ll never get back
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    Lee Owens

    Man I haven’t heard that in years, thank you
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    Lee Owens

    Just saw that he retired. I played for him at Galion. Great coach, better person. Enjoy your retirement coach
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    OSU vs Columbia/UNC

    From my seat Friday, it looked like he had a knee brace on his right knee under his sweats after his match.
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    Ohio Referee Shortage - could force games...

    Sounds like baseball this year.
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    (5-0) Fitch @ (4-1) Massillon

    Another big test for the Tigers, huge win last night. I think Massillon wins this but in a tight one.
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    Top Scoring Offenses in Ohio

    Man I haven’t heard Willard mentioned since I played in the NOL in the 80s.
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    St. Edward @ Massillon

    One hell of a matchup. I think it will be close at half then Ed’s take control, 31-17. 2 great programs, good luck to all
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    Man I had no idea Combs was on the staff. And to coach one team during the season and another in the playoffs is wild. Our first playoff game was against Toledo Devilibis. They closed also. What year did CAPE close? the following year Purcell Marian beat the hell out of everyone Good memories...
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    Week 4: Which game or games are you taking in?

    Grove city vs central crossing
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    I still keep in touch with Coach Owens and Coach Gillum who is Fickells Director of football operations. 2 great men. you are correct, we either played offense or defense. The unbalanced line we called it our north and south package, could throw out of it also. the game against you was the...
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    Strap up, let’s do it!!!
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    Parents fighting in the stands; film at 11

    They obviously aren’t taking the right steroids
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    When is a title too old to count/brag about? Or until it just becomes meh?

    We won in 1985, beat Mooney. I only talk about it on here now.
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    Comment by 'Mutant' in pool '2022 Yappi Challenge'

    Rough showing for me last night
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    Former High School Stars in Professional Baseball

    Always liked Ethan. My son played college summer ball with him. Also worked some of his high school games