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  1. Full_Nelson

    2023 OHSWCA State Dual Districts D2 Saturday Feb 4th

    Brackets Released
  2. Full_Nelson

    2023 OHSWCA State Dual Districts D2 Saturday Feb 4th

    Sounds like you have nothing better to do than complain, something as non significant as that you need to get a life.
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    West Holmes Invite

    Tough Tourney! A lot of good matches this year! Buckeye wins the team race big. Brackets Team Score 1. Buckeye 299.5 2. Carrollton 176.5 3. Highland 173.5 4. Avon Lake 170.0 5. West Holmes 163.5 6. Midview 136.5 7...
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    Swanton MS Coach

    Swanton wrestling coach removed from job So much pressure on MS coaches these days! Dont forget to shred your coaching permit on the way out.
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    Claymont Duals

    Does anyone have complete results?
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    North Canton Holiday Tournament Live Stream

    Knee injury
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    North Canton Holiday Tournament Live Stream

    Team Scores 1Wadsworth0248.0 2Louisville0133.0 3Wheeling Park0129.0 4New Lexington0126.0 5Holt0125.5 6Walsh0124.5 7Mount Vernon0116.5 8Westholmes0097.5 9Carrollton0092.0 10Lake0091.5 11Minerva0090.0 12Olentangy0079.0 13Edison0073.0 14Ripley0073.0 15C.V.C.A0071.5 16Dalton0070.5 17Massillon0069.0...
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    North Canton Holiday Tournament Live Stream

    Doors open at 4:45 , finals start at 6. No cash.
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    North Canton Hoover

    32 must be a free for all
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    North Canton Hoover

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    Potential New Football Programs

    Sports of "violence" I'm told.
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    Big Walnut tournament 12/10

    Best i found was the baumspage link, no info yet.
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    Tom Miller Memorial Duals @ Lake

    Does anyone have any results from this??
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    Cambridge Invite Results

    Ha Ha
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    Cambridge Invite Results

    It is like that every year. The JH tournament is also notoriously starting late.
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    Cambridge Invite Results

    Cambridge Invitational Cambridge H.S., Cambridge, OH December 3, 2022 Team Score 1. Indian Valley 210.5 2. Minerva 199.5 3. Beaver Local 199.0 4. West Holmes 177.0 5. Miami Trace 158.5 6. New Lexington 145.0 7...
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    Ohio Cardinal Conference

    Should be plenty of parking, plan for an exit! I always back into a spot along the baseball field if your early enough.
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    OSU Wrestle Offs

    125- B. Koontz vs McCrone/ Winner vs. Gonzales / Winner vs. Heinselman 133- Flerlage vs. D. Koontz / Winner vs Mendez 141- D'Emilio vs Decatur 157- Wilcox vs. Paddy 165- Hepner vs. Chase / Winner vs. Kharchla 174- Smith vs. Hall 184- Romero vs. Bell 197- Shumate vs Stein / Winner vs...