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    California Cross-Country

    Been watching cross-country meets in California and was surprised how many races run part of the races on the roads.
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    Paige is the perfect example of stringing together consistent off season training. Each off season she did a little more, building off the previous season and it’s off season. This fall she has seen a large drop from the almost 2 years of training year round. I saw the same progression from...
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    Is there a list of fastest XC times ever recorded for OH runners?

    Paige Steinke of Anna ran 17:19.90 at Anna Invitational on Saturday. That makes 3 of the top 4 times in Ohio D3 runners.
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    NFHS Rule 8-1-3b Cross-Country Course Layout

    According to the rules they will have to change it. Liberty Center and Mason were the first two courses that came to mind when I saw the email. I knew obstructions were not allowed and wondered how Mason got away with it, but I didn’t realize crossing natural water was not allowed.
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    Congratulations to Lancaster for their course

    Second it MathKing. Great course. Great meet. First time at Lancaster. I coached 37 years at a small school in the southwest regionals. Today was the first time in a long time I came away from a meet thinking wow. So far my experience as a coach in central Ohio has been eye opening. Great...
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    False Starts

    On the subject of the technology. Deciding a race to the 1/1000th of a second and because it is FAT it is suppose to be indisputable. The FAT official is still making a judgment and that at the distance of 1/1000th of a second.
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    Mackenzie Hartman (Seven Hills) - Absent from Div. III

    You actually lost the top two finishers in the girls 300 hurdles from last year's Division III girls state meet. London Reiss of Anna also got hurt this season. She won the 100 hurdles at Districts, but wasn't able to finish the 300 hurdles at the Districts. She is now out completely. She will...
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    Team Scores During the Meet

    Over my long career as a coach that has always been one of my pet peeves at meets was the lack on announcing team scores through out the meet.
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    Brady Yingst runs 4:09.20

    This meet was FAT. This was an impressive effort. Second place was 4:37. Yingst was the D3 cross-country champ last fall and was runner-up in the 1600 last spring at the state track championships. He broke Sam Borchers of Yellow Springs record set in 2007. Lancermania, would you know what this...
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    Brady Yingst runs 4:09.20

    Brady Yingst of Lima Perry runs 4:09.20 which is #12 nationally. His time broke the division 3 all time record.
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    R.I.P. Medina Coach Milt Place

    Very fitting. We need to appreciate each day. We need to appreciate all the people around us. And don't wait to thank people. Thank them as soon as the moment arises.
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    Ohioans participating in NCAA XC Championships

    Steve Jone, Troy, Colorado
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    How are lane assignments determined for distance races at the state meet?

    Interesting comment about preferred lanes being more about officials than athletes. Makes me wonder what the preferred lane order should be. I know it would vary by athlete and event if they were asked which lane they would prefer.