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    Friday Finals 2/3

    Centerville 57 Fairmont 42
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    NFHS is now favoring a Shot Clock

    The scorers table is not being used to second the call on fouls, or out-of-bounds, or traveling, or calling timeout, etc. Just whether the shot clock expired prior to the shot. If they feel the same as the official on the floor who made the call, end of story. If different, then and only then is...
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    NFHS is now favoring a Shot Clock

    I hate reviews worse than I hate "stalling" basketball. Make the stinking call, look to the scorekeepers table, if they concur, that's it. Call made, end of story...PLAY BALL! Bad calls, bad officials are part of the game. Live with it. I quit watching pro football because 60% of the time they...
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    NFHS is now favoring a Shot Clock

    Good...They must have listened to Me!
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    Shocker of the night

    Thanks to CNN my reading attention span these days is about 2 1/2 seconds. Didn't scrutinize the dates. But a simple score (not) here on Yappi would have cured that...:) Frustrating reading game posts on here (especially in 2 1/2 seconds) that never mention the 2 most important factors...(1)...
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    Shocker of the night

    Its even more of a shocker since Max Preps had Moeller playing St. Xavier tonight...Must have lost to LaSalle during halftime.
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    St. Edward Basketball 22/23

    Eagles now the clear favorite in D1. It's them and the "field." When is the last time a school won state titles in football, basketball & wrestling in the same schoolyear? I think probably never, but its a real possibility.
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    Martin RPI

    My experience is that Max Preps basketball rankings tend to be the best, but only after enough games have been played to yield enough computer data. In football, the fan-created "Yappi" poll herein and the "Vamps" computer generated polls have generally been the most accurate. We need to...
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    New to Ohio

    OK. I misunderstood. Too much listening to my wife. I tend to "jump" ahead. Plus, as a parent relocating, my priorities would be "schools" first & clubs second...but what do I know.
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    New to Ohio

    No one is answering this guys question... Good schools between Dayton & Cincinnatti with good academics, good athletics and good wrestling....Uh, Centerville, Springboro, Fairfield, the Lakotas, Kettering Fairmont. Others with decent wrestling...Lebanon, Miamisburg. Privates...Alter, Moeller...
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    Division I Top 10 (1/12) - Martin RPI

    Its all part of the fun. We dwell over the smallest details in the Yappi football polls. Are you saying we can't have a simple discussion about who are the best basketball teams? That rating basketball teams is somehow different? And yes...I'd like to hear yours. Would you like to hear mine?
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    AP Poll 2022-2023 Season

    Any poll would be nice...
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    Centerville vs St Vincent St Mary's

    Yup...Pretty much same 'ol St. Vincent. Well-coached & talented. Just lost by 2 at Santa Ana Mater Dei Calif. One of the perennial Calif. super teams. Centerville hopes to keep improving after an opening season loss to the 4th ranked team in Indiana. Both teams appear to be on track once again...
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    Year of the Upset

    It looks like parity right now, but I predict that by tournament time 4-5 teams statewide will show some separation. Some pretty good teams are still working through some lineup changes.
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    I thought they lost to a prep school. Spire Academy? My bad...
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    Just to try and get the ball rolling I'll take a stab at Div. I... 1) Akron St. Vincent 6-1 ( beat Sierra Canyon, Ca., beat Walsh Jesuit, beat Princeton, beat Moeller ) 2) Olentangy Orange 8-0 3) Centerville 5-1 4) Pickerington Central 5-2 5) Brecksville Broadview Heights 5-0 6) Pickerington...
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    Appreciate the information. Maybe after Fying to the Hoop interest/analysis will pick up. Hope so.
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    Lack of rankings...Where are they? Who's good? Who's not good? Who is pretending? Who is for real? Here we are 2-3 weeks into the season and I really don't know anything. MaxPreps has Fairfield, Avon Lake, Southpoint and Nordonia ahead of such teams as Pickerington Central, Centerville, St...
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    World Cup 2022

    I thought their strategy was to play without any French guys...
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    Boys basketball is becoming unwatchable.

    Bad as it may be...the pain of watching the "boys" basketball pales in comparison to trying to watch "girls" basketball.