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    Is this for real? 9 ft to 16 ft 4-3/4" in 2 years? - Ian Northrup (Sugar Grove Berne Union)

    It is incorrect, he went 10’ 7”. I contacted the meet manager but Milesplit has not made the change yet.
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    Marion Local vs Allen East

    Marion’s boys beat every team in the NWC this year. Minster and Versailles cross are regularly better than the entire NWC.
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    2022 Division VI Poll Voting Discussion (Preseason)

    St Henry and New Bremen for the D7 title, new bremen beating LCC to get to that matchup. Marion to title game, toss up against Kirtland, Versailles ends their run when they run into Marion. Coldwater, to the title game.
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    4 divisions for track?

    I am sorry you have seen districts act that way. Made up positions are not the rule they are exceptions. But you’re right athletic departments don’t pay salaries and benefits, so they shouldn’t be part of the discussion.
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    4 divisions for track?

    I’d like to see the data on this. I can speak for three districts I have been apart of, a good football team generates revenue that can help offset some costs elsewhere for the department. A good football team is also the primary driver of a successful athletic booster structure. If an athletic...
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    Underclass invitationals

    Is there anyone with knowledge of underclass invitationals across ohio?
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    4 divisions for track?

    How high up is the “higher up” and did they say why it won’t happen?
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    4 divisions for track?

    Does anyone know what the proposal from the oatccc was? Even divisions or something else?