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    2023 Open/Unknowns

    Do a neutral half way as Mogadore has done recently to schedule games.
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    Marlington Dukes Head Coach

    No buggies in Hartville for over 20 years either!!
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    Akron Ellet coaching search

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    Akron Ellet coaching search

    Bring back " the shorts"!
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    It’s Time for a Shot Clock

    If you want to watch fast basketball go to the local park. I remember the 60's in the Wayne County League. Scores of 8-7, 10-8. Stall ball!
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    Richmond Heights Post Season Option

    Here we go...
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    Richmond Heights Post Season Option

    And teams like Richmond Heights and others are one of the reasons attendance is down at state run tournaments.
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    Has much changed in the game?

    That's why I enjoy Mogadore home games. Band is located above court, play before game during halftime and The National Anthem!
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    Richmond Heights Post Season Option

    Much like " Lutheran " East...
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    Tuesday Finals 1/24

    Mogadore 73 Mogadore Field 58
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    D7 R25 2023

    Pies were good, but now the fruit pies are all filling no actual fruit. Stick with the peanut butter or vanilla cream pies!!
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    Canton McKinley Bulldogs

    Well not quite at least in football Canton McKinley Senior wins more than 1 football game per year!
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    Akron City Series Basketball 2022-2023

    Only 50% capacity allowed to game tonight.
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    D7 R25 2023

    It's gone down hill recently that's for sure!
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    Who is best fit for the NE8 moving forward.

    The Brookville Raiders! Vacation at near by Cook Forest and go to Brookville often when there. Home of Brookville bats...builder of major league baseball bats!!
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    2023 Open/Unknowns

    Has Mogadore found opponents for werk 4 and 7 I believe?
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    Akron City Series Basketball 2022-2023

    Awesome Akron Goodyear Heights East ORIENTALS!!
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    D7 R25 2023

    Don't believe " Hartville " has any.
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    Saturday Updates 1/21 (2022-23 Nightly Updates)

    Where is Ferndale?
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    Vanlue Football out of BVC per Courier

    They probably use a 10 or 12 passenger